Almost finshed with with my Focus XT/Piracetam stack. I know there are a few logs on this but here is my experience with it...

The Focus XT. Ordered the blue rasberry flavor. When I recieved the tub I was surprised that the contents of the Focus XT had sort of molded to form a solid rock inside the tub. I had to break this up into a powder. Even then the contents seemed almost moist or sticky and they would often form into a solid chunk that I would continuously have to break up. I was not so much concerned with this as I have read that before in several logs. What I was more concerned with was the moist texture. I wondered if the seal had been broken. The problem with this was the density of it. The powder was pliable almost like small play-dough pellets so depending on how compact the scoop was it would change the dose.

Flavor-I was mildly disappointed in the flavor of the blue rasberry. I had heard alot of good reviews regarding the flavor of Focus Xt. To be honest it seemed a little 'musty' for lack of a better word. The Piracetam was not flavored and had the taste of a powdered medicine. However when mixed with Focus it was hardly noticable. BTW both disolve easily in water.

Initial Experiences- I have always enjoyed products that give me an intense focus during my workouts so I had planned on using Focus/Piracetam as a pre-workout. I like my stims and Focus has 200 mgs of caffiene so I figured it would deliver a nice jolt. As a pre-workout it didn't quite workout like I thought it would. It was ok in that category but nothing spectacular. I used it with the Piracetam and without. I added other stims to it. I tried heaping scoops versus level scoops and it did not deliver for me as a pre-workout. During my workout I wasn't lethargic but I wasnt exactly amped either.

What I learned- Despite my intial dissapointment I have to say this is a nice product and quite versatile. What I found out was this will give you a mental edge not a physical edge. Consistency works best with this product. Effects seemed to be cumulative and more noticable with each dose, don't skip a day. I started taking The Focus XT first thing in the morning every day. I started using the same serving size each day as well, One compact, level, Scoop. I found that this served me well in particular if I had to do anything that required focus, organization or advanced thought. It was not until I had to concentrate on something that I actually felt the effects of Focus Xt. When I was mentally stimulated the effects were noticable and very usefull. Organizing my thoughts became much easier, following a convoluted story or complicated instructions became almost enjoyable. I found that when challenged by a complicated task my thought process was much clearer. Usefull information popped out at me whenever I was reading the newspaper. The effects are subtle and hardly noticable untill you are mentally challenged or stimulated. This isnt just for problem solving. For example take Focus Xt and then walk into a Barnes and Noble and just see how much interest you take in topics you never thought about before.

The Piracetam- Oddly enough I found the effects of piracetam were similar to that of some gh boosters I have used. Slightly elevated mood, calmness and a really deep sleep with lucid dreams. I experienced much of the same with just the Focus Xt but the piracetam greatly enhanced these effects. I used the piracetam sparingly because it made me somewhat lethargic. Prior to using it I had been dealing with a lot of work related stress ( saving the details let me just say I was ready to snap ) After a couple of weeks using piracetam I felt much calmer and stress free. On the days that I used the piracetam I added 1 to 3 grams to the focus xt. Personally I found 1 gram to be the sweet spot.

Will I purchase either again?- Yes, with the Focus XT for sure. I definatley feel sharper and more organised. In fact I can not wait to try a different flavor. As for the piracetam I purchased the 500 gram tub. It was a steal I do not know how often I will use this or If I will purchase again when this one is gone but it is nice for a calming effect and a deep sleep.