Prototype Nutrition 11-KT Spray

  1. Prototype Nutrition 11-KT Spray


    Picked up a couple bottles of this stuff I've been hearing about so I figured I'd give it a shot.
    Planning on cutting for the next couple months to summer than just try and maintain through summer.
    Want to loose fat and maintain muscle and strength.
    I'm gonna run this for a least a month and if I like it then I'll burn through my 2nd bottle.


    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 187
    Measurements: coming soon

    Supplements: (most are preventative staples)

    11-kt spray- dosed about about 50+ sprays aday
    E.C. Stack- 200mg caffein + 25mg Bronkaid 3x a day week days only
    Orange Triad- 3x
    Fish oil- 3600mg
    Liv52- 6x a day
    Milk Thistle- 500mg
    Whey- 2 shakes
    Saw Palmetto- 1300mg
    Hawthorne- 900mg
    ALA- 600mg
    White Flood- Pre workout
    BCAA's- Intra
    1+ gal of water


    Just got off of about 3 months of CKD, gonna take a break from this and see how things go.

    1800 calories a day. Macro: Fat 10, carbs 30, Protein 60

    LIfts/ Max (No partner/spotter so this is just gonna give me an idea of where my strength is during this cut)

    Flat Bench on Smith Machine- 3x 250
    Squats- 5x 315
    DB Bench- 5x 100
    DB Incline Bench- 6x85
    Leg Press- 5x350

  2. Day 4:

    Nothing really to report so far. Been spraying after I get out of the shower trying to cover most of my body and rubbing in when need to.

    Just coming off a 36 hour carb up and feeling real good, weights lower that I had anticipated to thats great. Cardio was good today, did some E and stacked with some new ON Essential Amino Energy and loving this stuff. Reall affordable gonna have to pick some up.

  3. Day 5

    P/W- 2 sps WF
    12.5 Ephi
    NO Beta- 2

    Intra- BCAA's & Glutamine

    Great workout. Really noticed some great vascularity today in my shoulders. Pumps were also good. Starting to look a little more lean especially in my shoulders, also some good cuts in my legs are peaking through. Weights a tad bit down from yesterday.

    I had a head ache yesterday, something I never get, also noticed it was still around a little this am. Gone now and no problems.

  4. Alright over a week in and seeing some good results. Muscle hardness through out the day, a great pump during my workouts, good vascularty, better endurance, and aggressive and focused in the gym.

    Nerousness/anxiety after I dose but usually wears off.

    Weigts seems to be staying around the same; tomorrow is my official weigh in day.

    Strength seems to be increasing a tad.

  5. Day 11:

    Weight- 187.2 (-.02)

    P/W- 2.5 scps lit-up

    Intra- .6 scps VPX PowerSchock

    Awsome workout today. Not tired at all at anypoint and could have stayed and lifted longer. Strength is actually going up and I did loose a little bit of weight this last week. Looking leaner and muscles looking bigger. Really liking this stuff, no sides to report thus far.

    Bench Press- 1x245- had a spotter could have probably done 2 but should felt a little weak.

    DB Bench- 6x105- first time lifting 105 and felt strong as heck

    DB Incline- 9x90- wasn't expecting this!

    Thoughts- This stuff's the real deal. Almost two weeks in have a little more than half bottle left. Thinking of maybe getting some 7-spray and going right into that at the end fo this cycle.
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