Need Fast Injury Repair Supplement

  1. Need Fast Injury Repair Supplement

    I have a strained quad and calf for way too long, age is catching up to me over desire to compete.... Playoffs is in about 10 days, with another game this in 2 days, so... I am a very sore loser.

    I have heard great thing about cissus, I'll have to try it.... never heard of Ghenerate, but someone mentioned it and is that new, and where do they sell it? What about HGH, I heard that is the best for fast injury repair, but is it bad for you?

    Right now I have bee considering:

    1. Endogenous Aminocharged Creatine Enhanced with Beta-Alanine, might be most most useless?
    2. Cissus
    3. Somatrin, R-450, not sure if this will help?
    4. Acetyl-L-Carnitine Alpha Lipoic Acid
    5. Traumeel Ointment
    6. L-Arginine L-Ornithine
    7. Arnica Gel + Arnica tablets

    I eat well and balanced, and I plan on mixing in ON Whey protein for the extras maybe once a day... but yes, LOL, yes I am desperate! Right now I am thinking, after all I read...

    Traumeel Ointment on the injuries directly + Cissus + Whey protein
    (Of course I will continue to ice, compress and rest as much as I can with some ibuprofin/muscle relaxant here and there)

    The others might be overkill or almost negatively redundant? Thanks!

  2. You could also add high dose Vit D and Vit C.

  3. Wow is there no one else here? Someone referred me to this site for "out of the box" suggestions, but it seems either this is not a question to be asked here or site is dead.

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