Lit Up Review - Full Tub

  1. Lit Up Review - Full Tub

    First I want to thank OutsideBacker and AppNut for the opportunity to try out Lit-Up. I was interested to see how this pre-workout was different from the others on the market, and what it could do for me.

    I've been lifting for ~10 years now since playing on the Boxing and Rowing teams in my college. Since graduating I kept up with exercise to remain healthy and fit. In the last 3 years I have become more serious about lifting and supplementation. Now I am preparing for my first NPC Bodybuilding contest this April.

    I have tried all sorts of pre-workout drinks because I lift in the morning, waking up around 5AM. I need the extra kick in the butt to open my eyes by the time I get to the gym. My top 10 list of pre-workout preference is now this:

    1. APS Mesomorph
    2. AppNut Lit-Up
    3. Purus Labs Muscle Marinade
    4. NTBM N2KTS
    5. VPX NO Shotgun
    6. Gaspari SP250
    7. Gaspari SPMax
    8. USP Labs Jack3d
    9. Controlled Labs White Flood
    10. Universal Animal Pump

    I go for energy as the number 1 requirement for a pre-workout. Any ergogenic aids or pumps are a bonus. I am a stim junkie and my tolerance builds quickly, so it takes a lot to get me going and even more to keep me going!
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  2. I waited to complete the full tub of Lit-Up because of the purported increases in lifting ability. This takes time, so I ran the full tub.

    My dosing protocol was 2 scoops per use working out ~5 days a week, using heavy compound movements with free weights.

    Energy: 8/10 - While this wasn't a kick in the face type of energy, it didn't let me down. I was able to get out from my house and to the gym fully awake and aware. I didn't crash off of this, but it only lasted just past my workouts (~1.5hrs). Energy hit at the right time, and lasted the right amount. Tolerance wasn't much of an issue, though the stim effect definitely declined over time. I added some extra stims later in the tub to compensate for the declining energy.

    Endurance: 9/10 - This is one area where Lit-Up really shined for me. I had tons of endurance while using this, often going longer than I had planned in the gym. However, I did build up a tolerance and the endurance wasn't as mind-blowing as I got further down into the tub, otherwise it'd be a 10.

    Strength: 6/10 - While strength improved during this time, it was only marginal and nothing out of the ordinary. It didn't hinder muscle growth/development/strength, so it's neutral to slightly positive.

    Taste: 6/10 - I thought the flavor was a bit overpowering to be honest. I tried different amounts of water but could never find a sweet spot for my taste. I did mix in some bulk powders (ALCAR, EAA, BCAA) to see how well it covered those up, but it was still overpowering to me. While it didn't effect taste directly, I found the food coloring to be way too much too. It was the most intense red I've seen and my wife would keep asking what I spilled in the sink because it would stain whatever it touched (white sink).

    Pump: 6/10 - I don't feel much of a pump when I'm working out because I do high weight and low rep, which isn't conducive to pumps. I feel Lit-Up may have contributed to a better feeling, but it was nowhere near Agmatine Sulfate (at 2.5g) or Creatine Nitrate (at 3g). I'd say average for a pre-workout.

    Libido: 5/10 - Honestly, I didn't notice much. I've taken over 100g of NP DAA and didn't get much out of it (noticed nothing) so I wasn't expecting too much from this. I do like that it's the proper dose for those that respond better.

    Overall: 8/10 - As I mentioned before I am interested in pre-workout drinks for the energy primarily, so that is heavily weighted. Lit-Up delivered energy, and a great level of endurance I haven't experienced before on a pre-workout. The ergogenic effects were not as pronounced.
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  3. Nice review! I plan on giving a full tub of Lit Up a try sometime down the line.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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