I was chosen to review Applied Nutriceutical's Lit Up. Here is my review

Cherry Citrus. The taste was not bad, not really great, but for a pre-workout stim it is better then most that I have tried. I learned that you really do need to use the recommended amount of water. In fact the best way is to get a 12ounce bottle of water and add it directly to that (8oz is recommended). The taste itself is def citrus, slightly strong, but goes down smooth.

The powder easily disolves in water. There is no clumping or hassles with preparation.

I started feeling the effects of Lit Up within a half hour, and it easily took me through my peak workout time. In fact I felt pretty good leaving the gym too, even after cardio days.

Side Effects
I am prone to getting the jitters from most pre workout stimulants. Lit Up did not give me the jitters, which means that it is much more well balanced then most of the other pre-workout stims. I didn't get the racing heart syndrome that some other stims have given me in the past.

Lit Up gave me a good pump in the gym without the feeling of my heart racing. I felt strong pumps and did notice my peak performance went up slightly. I think the Lit Up gave my body the extra energy to push a little harder, during peak times.

No notable differences in my appetite. I was able to eat my normal meals as scheduled. I have experienced decreased appetite in the past from other pre-workout stims.

Lit Up is a solid product for use as a pre-workout stim. It's taste is bearble and its energy and pump effects are felt, without the jitters, racing heart, or dizziness some of the other companie's products give. I generally do not use pre-workout stims, but I will be using Lit Up on days where I am a little drained or feeling weak. For people who work 5 days a week and are already slightly tired when getting to the gym this is the perfect product for you.

Thanks to Applied Nutriceuticals for choosing me to give a review. I will be happy to answer any other questions on my experiences with Lit Up. I was skeptical at first, but this is a good product.