T-Alpha & Mass Addiction Amplified Stack

  1. T-Alpha & Mass Addiction Amplified Stack

    I'm gonna run some stuff by Anabolic Addiction.

    T-Alpha & Mass Addiction Amplified Stack

    My list of basicís Vit E, Vit C, Multi (generic), Protien Shakes, Fish Oil
    Creatine and BCAA. I also use a regiment of suppís for cardio support consisting of CoQ10 and Hawthornberry extract.

    Iím interested, if any, effect upon Libido, Energy, Attitude (during workouts), Overall well being.

    Currently at 196.5 lbs. Iím a 6í tall ectomorph (tall/thin) 45yo male.

    Iím going to be using the Insanity training dvdís in combination with the power 90 routine. The Insanity is more for cardio and getting lean. Iím mixing in the power 90 using a weighted vest and wrist weights to increase definition and tone. Workouts are between 30 to 45 min in duration.

  2. I'm in!

    Question, will you be doing the DVDs on top of lifting or is the lifting incorporated in the DvD?


  3. mostly just the dvds

    but may play with the wgts when cardio gets too much

  4. In as well...

    Good luck

  5. I liked Mass Addiction AMp. Made me feel fuller and I like the addition of foreskolin.

  6. T-AlpHa: Extreme Growth + Endurance + Stamina

    Epimedium Sagittatum, Maca, Macuna Pruriens (L-Dopa) , Polypodium Vulgare, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, L-Arginine HCL, Panax Ginseng

    Serving size = 2 caps. these are some big caps ! (not a problem for me) the clear plastic cap is filled completely too.

    Going to split up dose 1 upon waking and the other preworkout.

    The Mass Addicition Amplified is 4 per day. dose timing around 6, 11, 3, 10.

    Typical diet.

    protein shake made w 2% milk and egg whites
    green tea (brewed) w 2 sugars
    scrambled eggs usually topped with katchup or hot sauce. Wed is hash day
    fruit -1/2 cup sliced pineapple, cantelope.
    20 oz sports drink (like G2 or powerzero)

    Mid morning
    oatmeal (Kashi, go lean has 9G protien)
    20 oz bcaa mix sipped

    Mid day (lunch)
    Tuna, celery seed, relish, black pepper

    mixed nuts
    V8 (low sodium) 8 0z

    typically meat - burger, steak, pork loin, or seafood haddock, salmon, shrimp.
    last night was pinwheels - sirloin strips (prepped and flattened) rolled with spinich, cheese, and bacon, rolled into a wheel and tied with cooking string to keep it in place.
    side dishes were mashed potatoes and turnip topped with real butter and black pepper

    Nightime snack
    salsa and corn chips. typically its deli salsa or tostitoes but I add in Franks buffalow hot wing sauce and minced garlic to spice it up a notch, I like spicy.
    other substitutes - microwave popcorn, cheese

    Recently started trying grapefruit juice with the pre bed dose of MAA.

  7. Fri 3/25/11
    Short on time today so work out was very brief and had minimal rest between sets.

    Stretching / warm up

    Push up - 3 x 20
    last set at 15 had to drop to knees, its tougher when not locking out at the top.

    Supine Grip Lying Pull-Up Ė 3 x 10
    use 2 count on raise and 4 count on lower. Have to do them lying cause theres not enough headroom to do them standing.

    Sit up Ė 3 x 35 with like 30 sec rest between.

    1 leg lunge w/ 30lb dumbellsÖ.ran outta time, uurrrgh !

  8. niiiiiiiiiiice. get some scooter!

  9. Update:
    Monday - had a short but intense workout, power90 with weight vest. Felt solid but winded, broke a good sweat.

    Tuesday - 3/29/2011, Insanity dvd cardio and polymetrics. I try to keep up best I can but fail to perform all movements, just too damb quick. The trainer would say "take a break if you need it" and I def did.

    T-Alpha, awesome libido boost, boys are full, and mojo is high.
    Anabolic Addiction Amplified, nice repartioning effect and keeps energy consistent, no urge for that afternoon nap.

    Libido, high.
    Energy, consistent
    Attitude, alpha (during workouts its more focused intensity)
    Overall well being, so far so good. Its been some difficult stressful times recently. Personal private issue aside, work has been relentless and 6 days week (have needed to go in on Sat days). This week had a consult for my daughter and was informed she has fallen arches and the recommended procedure is to put screws into her feet, she's just 13yo. Oil tank fell apart and tax refund is now history. Anyway, its been very busy and the overall well being is still "up" and still feeling healthy.

    Wed will be an off day.

  10. Anxious to see if this leans out any too with the addition of the forslean and the recomping effect.

  11. oh yeah, high libido yeah

  12. Quote Originally Posted by theshaman View Post
    oh yeah, high libido yeah
    [IMG]http://anabolicminds.com/forum/picture.php?album****543&pictur e****1908[/IMG]

  13. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    Anxious to see if this leans out any too with the addition of the forslean and the recomping effect.
    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement

    I'm interested in the lean out effect too and this is why I'm including some diet info. Also, the workouts are pretty cardio intensive so that also contributes.

    Wed 3/30/2011 OFF day

    Protein shake, 2% milk, egg whites
    Fruit cup, watermelon, cantelope, blueberries
    mini cruissant w/ chocholate drizzel on top- I normally wouldn't have this but it was offered as a gift so I couldn't refuse, it was sooo good.
    20 oz sports drink 0 sugar, no carbs.
    3 chciken dumplings w/ sweat sauce on top of a bed of fresh salsa
    barbaque chicken, squash, 1/2 baked potatoe w/ skin 2 tsp butter
    8 oz V8 low sodium
    20 oz w/ 8G bcaa sippin all afternoon
    dinner, chicken breast cubed, pan seared with olive oil. This was mixed in a bowl with strirfry - butter, olive oil, shallot, onion, mushroom, garlic, sherry wine, orange pepper, some half n' half cream.

    I can say my appetite has increased, head/skin more oily and when working out I sweat more than usual and these could indicate increased hormone activity. I won't say my test is boosted because I have no means to measure or confirm so I define it as my Libido is high.

  14. Bro, what is sweat sauce?

  15. oop's try sweet/sour sauce

    Its a thicker kind of duck sauce like you may find with Chinese food.

  16. Update.

    Thursday's routine was intense cardio and polymetric interval training. This one was by far the most difficult. I found even the people on the dvd were taking breaks and non of them were remotely close to my age.

    Friday was alot slower, called it a cardio recovery day. I was like hell yeah, not so much when it was over. This one was continous stretching - ok not an issue but then came the static holds. These started out fun but soon became brutal because once a pump built up it was more difficult to hold the pose (kept falling out of position)

    Sat, REST - worked 1/2 day
    Sun, REST - did some light yard work

    Energy Good, not drained or anything
    Mood Low but not supplement or work out related, alot going on in daily life right now.
    Libido - GREAT !
    Overall well being - Sat was better but today the day after DOMs have struck hard. Those static holds really got deep into the muscles for sure. Even with the bcaa's and such I'm aching hard.

  17. Mon:
    Routine: power90 with weight vest. 30 min.
    Then hit my weak parts calves and forearms
    Seated calve raises 70 - 3 x 10 lots of pause hold
    Forearms roll ups 30 Ė 3 x 20
    Wrist curls 30 Ė 2 x 15

    Tue: Insanity dvd cardio resistance/power.
    This was a little bit slower then past ones but I was still try to keep up. My form is improving must be from repitition.

    Libido: Still strong
    Energy: sustained. I tried Ĺ serving of Muscle marinade from a sample pack. Wow, glad I only used a little (Iím stim sensitive).
    Attitude: positive
    Overall well being: improved, because I feel these workouts are providing results

    Mass Addiction Amplified is providing some very nice recomp effects, still. I get nervous that I donít eat enough but at the same time I think Iíve eaten too much. Iím trying so hard to get them abs to be pronounced. My only wish is the ecdy content were either a higher amount or of a more quality source because I desire the hardening effects to be extreme.

    T-Alpha has from day one proved to be a very effective and potent natural libido booster for this old man.

  18. glad you are enjoying the products.


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