Milk Thistle???

  1. Exclamation Milk Thistle???

    What's up guys,
    This maybe in the wrong forum, forgive me I'm kinda new to this..
    Anyways I'm finishing up an 8 week cycle from 2 LLL products.
    First 4 weeks was epi cynodrone, the following 4 weeks with epi cynodrone and another ph called super nova.
    Ill admit I had noooo ideaa what I was getting into when starting these products, and the *******s at complete craptrition assured me these were completely harmless.
    About 6 weeks in I started noticing some neg. Side effects, muscle cramping, sleeplessness and decreased libido..

    This led me to a little more indepth research on ph's and its very apparent I should be taking support now that I realize this methylated garbage can be pretty harmfull.
    I was just laid off work so money is now an issue, I sought out my pct away from comp. Ntrtn for that reason and cuz I think those guys and the ppl who own it are douche bags....wrapping this all up,
    I still need support so I just bought a bottle of 200 mg tabs of milk thistle extract.
    Should I start these with the few days I have left on my cycle or as soon as I start my pct?
    How many and when should I take them? Is this even that effective?? Is there any truth to losing gains from this stuff?

    Thanks in advance, I appologize for my ignorance I'm new to the whole scene
    Only been lifting about 8 months..
    177 lbs
    Around Ten of those lbs gained in the last 3 weeks or so

  2. Try putting this in the anabolics section. You might get some useful responses from people who have experience. http: //

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