Need some valid opinions

  1. Need some valid opinions

    I tried a H-Drol clone from a supplement store (exclusive pharmaceuticals) I do believe the company's name was. Never seen it anywhere but that store.

    Anywho, after the first dose (50mg which was one pill) I was okay, woke up and took another 50mg and felt alright. On my way to work I had to give a presentation where I had my frist panic attack. very scary to say the least.
    For about a week I felt "off" and my breathing wasn't quite right. Went to the doc and said everything was a-OKAY, so here's where I ask you:

    a)Do you believe that this anxiety was induced from the H-drol?
    If so, because I took such a large amount for my first time.
    b) I have some dymethazine coming in the mail, should I try it again? What would you do?

    **additional info, the company that made the clone all got pulled off the shelves one day at the store. Roumer around town was it was contaminated/over-dosed.

    thank you. salnder

  2. Bump. Go for it?

  3. I've never heard of anxiety as being a side of hdrol before? And 100mg per day isn't extremely high, although it is a bit high for a first time. Were you taking any other meds/supps when this happened? Sounds almost like an ephedrine, clenbuterol or high dose of caffeine type of thing with your anxiety and breathing. Did you take a mega dose before all this occured?

    I'd say take hdrol again at only 50mg per day for a week and see what happens. If all is good, then bump it up to the 100mg. It's too bad your caps are dosed at 50mg because it doesn't give much flexiblity. Hdrol and all its clones were usually in 25mg doses. Are you sure you got hdrol?

    And Dzine is a good compound, especially when stacked with LMG. Good luck bro and keep us posted on your situation with the anxiety.

  4. I have anxiety and when I take pre workouts with alot of stims or drink to much coffee my anxiety gets REAL bad and I have panic attacks and just dont feel normal, try cutting back on anything with stims. L- theanine is good for reducing anxiety same with super phenibut

    He who makes a beast out of himeself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

  5. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it.
    Already tell it's a great community here.

    Yes I'm sure it was superdrol, but felt more like a stimulant to me honestly. I gave the rest to my friend and he claimed the same effect of being stimulated. Possibly an addition from the lucritive company.

  6. Halodrol* ^


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