1. Arrow D12 FIRST HDROL LOG!!

    age - 25
    height 6'
    weight 180 - 182
    training- couple years. gained 35 lbs over the years.
    body type - ectomorph. lean, hardgainer
    Goal - im shooting for 20 lbs... but will be disappointed if less than 15
    cycle experience - none

    ive pre-load for 7 days so far with cycle assist

    CEL H-Drol for 40 days @ 75
    cycle assist
    hawthorn berry
    liv 52
    creatine mono
    Animal Flex
    jack3d (when needed, small dose)

    liquid nolva 30, 20, 20, 20
    cycle assist
    creatine mono
    Test booster

    I am spacing the hdrol out (morning, mid, night) with fish oil, 4 hours apart from CA.

    Calorie intake will be around 3500-4000

    Am I missing anything??

  2. Whats the calorie percentage break down? Carbs, fats, protein

    What was your diet like before. 20 pounds might be a stretch for solid gains on H-drol. Your gonna be putting on some fat too.
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  3. 40/40/20... my caloric intake was around 3k... Im not too concerned with BF because i know i will gain some with this cycle. For me its all about size and strength for now... I generally dont gain too much fat, but shouldnt be too difficult to cut some when im ready. I will also be working out 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off... Chest/bis, back/tris, legs/shoulders. Reps 8-12, some will include til failure, also will include some heavy negatives. I will do my best to get 8 hrs sleep and also a 2 hr nap before gym, since I work in the mornings

  4. Had a great workout last night. Chest and biceps. Felt about the same as usual. Official starting weight is 181... Time to go eat and sleep, back and triceps later today

  5. I doubt you gain more then 8 pounds on hdrol, I found it a waste of money.

  6. Good luck man, I did it a few months back ( my first PH ) gained solid 10lbs and lost 4 but my arms are 1/2inch bigger and my chest is 1 inch bigger. Been 3 months, no sides other then joint pain at the end. It was worth it, it would have taken me over 6 months to do that.

  7. 8lbs? was it your first cycle? Some people react differently to different PH. I seen a couple logs where they gain 25 lbs in 6 weeks @ 75. 20lbs will be tough, but I'm setting my goal high, yet achievable... Breaking 200 would be a HUGE milestone for me...

  8. Last night I had a good back and tricep workout. Nothing really to report except I'm up a couple lbs, but I'm not considering the first 5 pounds to be "real" gains. Other thing is my balls feel a little off... Slight discomfort... A 1 or 2 on a 0-10 scale

  9. Last night was legs and shoulders. No real strength gain yet obviously, but the workout went really well. I'm def sore today... no sides other than the previously mentioned. Right now I'm +5.5lbs which I'm happy about, but I'm not sure where it went. prob retaining more water...

  10. I gained 10 lbs on my first shot with H-Drol with a pretty poor diet (tons of hot pockets in the mix), so good stuff. I also ruined it with a crap PCT but still kept around 5 lbs in the end. Your cycle looks much better, enjoy the lean gains!


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