Am I PSYKO enough

  1. Am I PSYKO enough

    So I was fortunate enough to be chosen to test drive the Controlled Labs Psyko. I want to first off say thank you.

    A little about me,

    I am a former NPC competitor that has gotten married, kids, run my own company etc and have put competition on the backburner for quite some time although I have always been entrenched in BBing.

    Well, Jan 2010, I said, it's time to make a comeback and was preparing for a local show. Needless to say 1 month later I tore my Achilles tendon right in half...I never wish this on my worst enemy. I continued going to the gym, working around certain leg and calf activites. It has now been a year and I am ready to get down to single digit fat %. I have officially hung up my posing trunks but definitely want to get in better shape....ok I'm done.

    Onto the show:

    Monday night I tried my first helping Psyko.I was a little unsure about the low amount of Protein as many of the other "intra workout" formulas seem to have a little more. Smell was definitely pleasant. I did have to dig to the bottom for the scooper but seems par for course for all powders...

    (Idea for anyone reading, how about making a little lip of some-sorts and snapping the scooper right under the cap)...

    Sorry for the rant, long day.

    I followed the directions filling up a 16 oz glass and using 1 scoop. I stirred for a few minutes with most disolving with some residue rising to the top, nothing big and jumped into my back workout consisting of:

    Wide Grip lat pulldowns to the front 4 sets
    Barbell rows (4 sets)
    DB rows (4 sets)
    Close grip Pulldowns to the front

    Anyway, my first sip was pleasant, had no problems taking it back and enjoyed the taste more and more. My workouts went smoothly as they always do, to say I felt something miraculous, definitely not the case.

    One thing I did notice was the next day, I wasn't sore, could Psyko help with recovery? Will have to investigate......

  2. Today Weds, I am home early due to wife being sick so while she was resting, I figured heck, get a quick workout in so I tackled shoulders.

    4 sets of barbell front raises, above eye level
    4 sets of db side laterals
    3 sets of DB shrugs, I do these fairly light, squeeze and hold at the top

    I spoon mixed another 16 oz of cold water and 1 scoop of Psyko and went into the workout.

    Well today was a tough day, didn;t eat the way I wanted to and because wifey was sick last night, definitely lack of sleep.

    I felt decent, perhaps that necessary stamina push going thru my workout but again only 2 days into using Psyko and both workouts were kind of quick.

    The real test will be chest and Leg day, where it is generally longer and better amount of time for absorbtion..

    Stay tuned!

  3. awesome bro!!! subscribed!!!!

  4. Day 3, apologies as it has been a hectic week. Just ordered a new home gym and by this time next week will be in full swing.

    Family is out for a few hours so figured time to get in a quick workout of arms, tris and forearms.

    Today instead of scooping Psyko into water, I first put the powder into a cup THEN added water, again about 16 oz's....seemed to blend a little better than water first then powder.

    Taste is definitely great, I have only used 1 scoop thus far and think it is the right amount of "sweetness", although when I do legs and chest, will prob add a 2nd scoop and more water to off set too much sweetness.

    So was the following:


    4 sets straight bar close grip
    4 sets "" "" wide grip
    4 sets of Hammers

    4 sets push downs, palms up
    4 sets kickbacks
    4 sets overhead extensions

    2 sets forum curls, straight bar

    I am definitely feeling pumped and arms are quivering slightly, again whole workout maybe took 20-30 minutes.

    No real energy surge, rush or anything but I can say that the days after my last 2 workouts, I didnt feel any pain/soarness etc, again to say it is due to the Psyko, cant really comment but as we know Con. Labs has a great name in the industry, great products etc...

    Stay tuned!

  5. In for more updates

  6. How's this going????

  7. My humblest apologies to both Controlled Labs and anyone else following this post. I was using Psykko doing some light weight awaiting my home gym (Powertec to arrive) Well half of it did, the cage at least and bench arriving tmw so I will be able to give more frequent updates moving forward.

    Spring seems to have finally arrived in Mass, my Florida trip is booked so time to start leaning out.

    Work up this morning at 4:30 to the dog whining, took her out and figured, cardio and weights.

    I decided to change it up a bit and took one scoop of Psykko and a thermogenic 20 mins to activity. I cannot workout on an empty stomach.(Cardio yes but weights no)

    Started off with 40 minutes of treadmill, 4 mph at 3 degree incline and threw in Grindhouse to kill the time.

    Muscles were warm and time to do some light lifting.

    Started off with

    tricep push downs 4 sets 15-20 reps
    Overhead tricep bar extensions 4 sets 2 reps
    Tricep kick backs 4 sets 10-12

    The combo seemed to work well. Psykko seemed to be enough to keep me going good with no headaches from lack of food in tandem with the thermogenic I felt I had a decent workout, nice pump, felt "swole"

    I am back, stay tuned for updates and thanks for your patience!

  8. Im sub'd

  9. Glad to have you back

  10. Twas the moring before Monday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring so time to get a workout in! Unfortunately even on the weekends my internal clock gets me up at 5:30.

    My new Powertec Gym is fully functional and it was time to break that Puppy in. So again I went the unconditional route and mixed one scoop of Psykko and 2 servings of White Flood. Waited 20 minutes and off to the races. Jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes, 4mph, 3.5 incline, gotta get the blood flowing, sweats were good and time to hit it.

    I decided Chest as it has been some time..

    Jumped into flat bench 4 sets, feeling good. Had some DJ Tiesto in the MP3 player and going strong

    Moved into 4 sets of incline bench and finished with 3 sets of decline.

    I felt so depleted at this point, low sugar that I packed it in.

    Felt really good to have the chest pump, feeling good and swole. The white flood and the Psykko together really seemed to work well.

    Unfortunately I didnt realize the pkg of White flood was 2 servings and as I am writing this 4 hrs later I am still flying high from caffeine, and let me say I am very caffeine sensitive.

    For people just joining in..

    Pykko has a nice flavor, somewhat sweet but not overpowering but I have learned tat it is best to add the powder first and water/liquid into it as there are little if no clumps done this way.

    Next stop is legs which I will do at night ands definitely use the Psykko as an intra workout.

    We'll see tmw if this really cuts down on soreness/lactic acid as I know I am going to feel it.

    Have a great weekend everyone and remember, there is never a bad time/day to train!

  11. Interesting, I havent noticed little clumps nor have I heard of others having that at all.

    Everyone says it mixes flawlessly. Are you using a mixing/blender bottle?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Wheyfocused View Post
    Interesting, I havent noticed little clumps nor have I heard of others having that at all.

    Everyone says it mixes flawlessly. Are you using a mixing/blender bottle?
    Spoon and a large cup

  13. Quote Originally Posted by double s View Post
    Spoon and a large cup
    Ah, I havent tried it that way yet. I use a blender bottle...thats probably why

  14. Fully back in the saddle. Early morning once again so mixed up one scoop of Psykko and decided to sip during my 30 minute cardio which consisted of HIT type, 1 minute run, 2-3 mins fast walk.

    Also had some list which I sipped during my lifting.
    Did Biceps consisting of
    Seated inclined alternate bicep curls
    Preacher single arm curls
    Straight bar curls

    Today I felt a little off, stomach mildly bloated.

    As a recap from my chest workout on Sunday, 2 days later and still sore as F%^K....

  15. Good luck with this. I'm subscribed

  16. So yesterday morning, changed up things once again.

    Had one serving of Psykko, sipped over 20 minutes while I did my business planner. Giving it time to absorb and not get a bloated rush to my stomach.

    Mixed another scoop then hit the treadmill for 30 minutes followed by a light workout.

    When my cardio was over I still had maybe half of the second serving and jumped into a light tricep workout. For those just tuning in, I cannot do big body parts first thing in the morning.

    Anyway jumped into

    4 sets of tricep pushdowns, palms facing each other
    4 sets of skull crushers.

    Mood was good, did get a little tired towards the end but definitely had some good momentum thru the workout.

    Today I am sore as heck but after skull crushers I usually am.

    On a side note, many that have been following are prob saying "does this guy ever do legs". Short answer..Yes but right now I am nursing a small tear in my knee but perhaps someone can shed some advice.

    When I squat at 90 degrees or more, I have a very sharp pain on the back on my leg. Kind of radiates from the mid point on the backside of the knee and radiates slightly to the calf.

    I have started a new job and do a tremendous amount of stairs every day, so I am not sure if I tore something and just need it to heal.

    If anyone knows what I am talking about...I am open to suggestions...

  17. Definitely see an orthopedic surgeon about your knee issue. Handle those things earlier rather than later

  18. following my new protocol I have been using a scoop of Psyko with a caffeinated Pre Workout.Did 10 minutes of cardio to warm up the muscles and did a chest workout.

    As everyone has stated the taste is very good and quite palatable.

    To date I can not say I see any postive or negative effects from Psyko. I do like the fact that it puts some protein in my belly prior to a workout but I don't see any real effects I can wrtie home about. Not sure if it is because my true lifting is between 30-45 minutes as I train hard but subscribe to a 90-120 second rest principle, even when going heavy.


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