LeCheek Nutrition Mini Review of Supps

  1. LeCheek Nutrition Mini Review of Supps

    This is a mini review of two supps from Lecheek Nutrition.
    Both were one dose trial sizes

    ~ SPEED XTREME: Fruit Punch

    ~ Speed Xtreme is a PWO powdered drink that boasts extreme energy and pumps.

    ~ Some of it's main ingredients seem to be L-Arginine, Beta Alanine, Creatine Mono, Caffeine, DAA, Yohimbe bark, and 1,3 Dim.

    ~ I took a single dose approx. 30 min prior to workout on an empty stomach. The fruit punch taste was good overall, but a bit too sweet for me. To note is that I mixed it with only 5 oz of water instead of 8-10. This is normal for me as I like to get it down and sip water. If directions were followed I feel it may not have been too sweet for me.

    ~ One dose on an empty stomach gave a good come up and strong energy. Though not over powering, it did come close to making me a little nauseous to the stomach while pushing it in the gym. I have zero doubt that this is personal and is due from taking on a purely empty stomach. Other than that no real jitters were noted.

    ~ There was not really any notice of extra or improved pumps. Though, it was only a single dose and for me it's not often that a single dose ever increases pumps. Usually they start after a couple of days of taking it.

    ~ The energy lasted the whole workout and then some. But nice thing to note, is that I am a bit tired now, so I do not expect any issues sleeping (I dosed approx. 4:30 pm).

    ~Overall a pretty good pre-workout supp and am glad to have tried it. I have no doubt that it will be making it's way into my stash to be tried and run for a full time. If anyone is looking for another PWO supp to try, Speed Xtreme should def be given a consideration.

    ~ To give a reference I liken it to being similar, but still far better than SuperPump 250. My favorite and ultimate PWO for myself is Ready 4 War, though R4W tends to steer me towards murderous mayhem and is not an everyday PWO for me. Speed Xtreme could easily fill the everyday spot for me.


    ~ Touted as an extreme fat burner

    ~ Main ingredients appear to be Dicaffeine malate, Yohimbe bark, Grn tea, Dandelion root, 1,3 Dim, and a few others.

    ~ Took 1 dose approx. 30 min before lunch. (No other stims of any kind that day).

    ~ I felt a good energy, but wouldn't exactly call it a strong energy. Appetite was only mildly suppressed and appetite suppression only lasted about 3 hours.

    ~ No nausea, jitters, or anything noticed.

    ~ Overall, I rate Melt Xtreme as ok. Perhaps over a time of taking it, it would prove to be pretty effective, that I can not discount because I took only a single dose. Out of the immediate things I can notice I would have like to have felt a little more energized, and more appetite suppression. Not looking for an appetite lock down mind you, just something more than 3 hours. That's the normal spacing of my meals/snacks naturally already.

    ~ To give a reference, I have used ECA before and my current favorite fat burner on the market is OEP.

    Lecheek Nutrition is a new company, at least new to AM, and I feel they are well deserved to be here.

    If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer.

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