Zach gets LIT-up! *Sponsored Log*

  1. Zach gets LIT-up! *Sponsored Log*

    So after several weeks of camping at my doorstep, i finally received my can of lit-up. Thanks to R1balla and FW friedel for their help and giving me the chance to review this product.

    I had been given a sample of this supp and posted up a review already, but after 2 more dosings of this product i would like to do an updated review.

    Chest/Tri's day:

    Strength 10/10 - This stuff will make you break PR's the first time you use it. I'm recovering from shoulder tendinitis, so i can't totally push my limits on bench yet, but i totally drilled my triceps. Holy sh*t folks!

    Endurance 10/10 - I could have kept on going for hours it felt like. I usually lift for about an hour or so, but with this product i never ran out of energy and even after murdering some supersets i was ready for more

    Pump 10/10 - The pumps with this product are simply fantastic. My triceps could not be contained and all 3 heads became even more defined as i started into my workout. A slight warm up is all it takes to get pumped up with lit-up.

    Mixability 8/10 - It doesn't all mix up right away, but keep on stirring it and it will dissolve eventually

    Taste 7/10 - The taste isn't bad, but it isn't great either. The less water you use the better. The more i drink it the better it tastes. Its sort of like whiskey or that it is an acquired taste.

    Focus 10/10 - LIFT/REST/REPEAT. This stuff turns you into a machine. The funny thing works for more than just lifting.......ill explain that a little later.

    Stim Effect 10/10 - PERFECT! It doesn't crack you out, but you get a noticeable energy boost. For me, 1 scoop is enough. I feel energetic, and alert.

    Well you may be wondering when i took the second dose. It was on my off day. I had a test in micro biology today and i couldn't seem to focus on studying last night. I took a scoop of this stuff and studied from 6pm til 2am with minor breaks. The focus and mental clarity is great. I combined this with chewing gum and some classical music for a wicked study session.

    I want to point out the uses of this product outside of weight lifting. It is a PWO at its heart, but it is so much more! It makes you smarter in that you can focus and apply yourself better. No other PWO does this.

  2. I originally thought Lit-Up was a super-stimmed preworkout until I was looking up DAA products. Now I am interested, looks like a killer profile.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over


  3. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    I originally thought Lit-Up was a super-stimmed preworkout until I was looking up DAA products. Now I am interested, looks like a killer profile.
    Yea man the stuff is great!

    Biceps today. Crushed it. Huge pump 10/10. Focus 10/10. Vascularity 5/10...didn't really notice any vains or anything, whether thats good or bad remains to be seen.

    Great stim effect that took place within 10 minutes of drinking it. Still on one scoop. 2 scoops of this stuff would be insane...and they say you can take 3!

    Looking forward to add a "gains" category to this.

    Overall energy is up with this product. I feel good the whole day after this stuff...most PWO's make you crash.

  4. Just did some core and legs today along with cardio.

    Some kid decided to give me his life story so i didn't actually get started with my workout until about 50 minutes after i drank the lit-up on an empty stomach. It didn't matter at all, still gave me a huge leg pump and endless cardio. This stuff really gets your heart rate going and gives you mad energy on the stair climber.

    I want to note a slight amount of chest tone-age increase in the last 3 days. Overall energy is up with this product, libido is still the same. Only bad part about this product is the taste, as it tastes like medicine.

    I took this stuff before i left for the gym and rode my motorcycle. Really gives you an edge mentally i must say. Lit-up opens up your mind in a new way, at least for me. Loving this product!!

  5. stoppin in Deployed blogging

  6. very solid review hear.thanks for this I enjoy learning about new stuff.

  7. Sorry for the wait!

    Chest and tri's

    This wasn't the greatest workout as it was after a night of heavy drinking and i was very dehydrated and running on little sleep. Even still, lit-up turned me up a few notches and got me through my workout. Still gave me a good pump and helped me through the hangover.


    An almost debilitating pump today. My hands were stuck in the shape of a C and i couldn't extend my arms fully. My arms blew up and my veins began to show....the skin in my arms tightened up considerably and i looked pretty beast. Everything about this product is top notch..except the taste.

    So far, if i could ask for more of something i guess it would be a little more stim effect...but that could cause loss of hunger and a crash so im not sure...

  8. just got my little tub in today...looking forward to seeing how this stuff works

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mich29 View Post
    very solid review hear.thanks for this I enjoy learning about new stuff.
    No problem!

    Quick update

    Testing recovery i did chest and tri's for what would be within 4 days of each other. I was actually stronger and could rep more weight. I attribute part of this to the fact that i had a hangover the time before...but then even comparing to chest/tri's on the prior week i have still been increasing weight.


    Turned my traps into mountain tops, added some gut busting cardio at the end. This is an erroneous note...but my cardio has been drastically improving. My heart rate is lower overall and i have not been sweating as easily. Don't know quite why.
    Also noting more energy throughout the day.

  10. wow great to hear that the lit up is working well for you, I was thinking of throwing it in my PCT looks like it has good potential

  11. Quote Originally Posted by josheyy View Post
    wow great to hear that the lit up is working well for you, I was thinking of throwing it in my PCT looks like it has good potential
    Definitely...when you compare it to other PWO's there is no competition...mainly because lit-up goes beyond just being a PWO and actually helps you after you are done lifting. Plus i think its only lik 25 bucks on nutraplanet...and thats for 40 servings so at least 2 months worth of PWO. Can't beat that!

  12. Alrite its been a while since i have done an update

    Have been structuring my workouts as follows:

    I have been seeing an increase in strength and huge increases in recovery. The pump is better than ever and focus is still 10/10.

    I started to up the dosage to 1/5ish scoops instead of 1 and have noticed a big difference...larger pumps and more overall energy. For grins i let me buddy take it (2 scoops) without telling him what to expect...guess what he told me?

    "Dude I feel like i'm super i know exactly what i need to do in the gym."
    Then during our workout....."WOW, i'm getting jacked up here, whats in this stuff? I haven't had this kind of energy in a long time."

    The following day he said that he didn't feel very sore this reinforces the muscle BUILDING effects of this product.

    Make no mistake....this stuff is legit folks.


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