Thanks to LeCheek Nutrition for sending out a sample of their fat burner Melt Xtreme and their pre-workout Speed Xtreme. Below are a couple quick reviews.

Melt Xtreme:
Energy: 7/10 - Took the one pill in the sample, and honestly I wasn't expecting much. While the energy was not extreme and in your face, it was there and helped me keep going strong. It lasted about 4 hours before tapering off, no real crash to speak of.

Thermogenics: 5/10 - I did not notice any body heat increase after taking this.

Appetite Suppression: 6/10 - It didn't really make me forget about eating, but it helped maintain my diet. Probably more mental than anything, and related to the stiumlants.

Overall: 6/10 - I wasn't overly wowed by the fat burner, but it's hard to judge based on a single pill. I'm very stim tolerant, so I typically double or more other fat burners. Based on the 1 pill, it felt pretty strong for a single pill, but I would probably have to take 2 pills to really notice it.

Speed Xtreme:
Energy: 7/10 - Used this for my 6AM workout, and the energy much like the Melt Xtreme was not very in-your-face. I did go through my workout of several supersets of chest/back, and overall had a good workout.

Taste: 4/10 - I really didn't like the flavor, it was a fruit punch sort of flavor but just not to my liking. Too weak in the right flavors IMO.

Endurance: 7/10 - I was able to push through my sets with reduced rest times. Anytime I can make it through a workout and keep going until I have to leave for work is a good thing. I didn't get gassed (and I'm on a caloric deficit), so that's good.

Pumps: 6/10 - I had relatively good pumps, but that's typical of my superset workouts lately. I think the Speed Xtreme helped contribute, but it wasn't that much of a different to be honest.

Overall: 6/10 - While it was nice to try something else out, I have preferences toward other pre-workout drinks that seem to work/taste better with me.

Thanks again to LeCheek Nutrition, best of luck with the products!