Dragon log 2-cyano-17a-17b-acetoxy-5-androst-2-ene

  1. Smile Dragon log 2-cyano-17a-17b-acetoxy-5-androst-2-ene

    Will be doing a 30 day cycle at 12.5 mgs three times a day. Already have clomid and arimidex for pct obviously. Expecting strength gains and to gain about 5 to ten lbs. Diet is 4000 cals a day consisting of fish, almonds, rice,oatmeal, chicken and red meat. i weigh 195 now at 8% BF. If you got questions hit me up. Back day tomorrow and first day on.

  2. How did this cycle work for you, any tips for me, I am about to run my first cycle of this compound and am not sure
    On the dosage, is three times a day enough 37.5? every other ph i read about are more mg.? and what times to take it?

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