Has anyone heard of RIPPED FX8..?

  1. Has anyone heard of RIPPED FX8..?

    Hi all,

    I have got my hands on a pot of RIPPED FX8 by N.O.1science, but can not find any info on it anywhere. Nothing in google or the like, and their website is like chinese stuff and not about supplements?

    I was told it was for weight loss, to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat but it does not say fat burner or thermonegenic on it. Just Ephedra free energy booster?

    Does anyone know about this supplement or has used it? I am a little concerned to use a supplement with no info or reviews, or even a website :S

    Thanks for you time. Tom.

  2. if google,and no other search engines show anything
    something is wrong...
    Ive seen 8-FX,Body, Ripped EFX,not sure why people bother with anything save your $$ and just get EPHEDRA,its all over the net,I have like 19 bottles..
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