Injury during cycle, advice needed

  1. Injury during cycle, advice needed

    Hello, im 7 days into my 4 Week Halotest 25 cycle and have developed really bad tendonitis, tried to baby it but a intense bi workout really got it hurting yesterday, no way i can lift with my left arm like this so im wondering what i should do

    either im going to stop my cycle and go to my PCT, if i do that i need to know how much PCT to take? I have a bottle that is 180 capsule over 30 days

    or im going to reduce my daily capsules of halotest from 2 to 1 for the next two weeks while i just do legs and cardio and resume it with 2 aday for the last two weeks, any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated

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  3. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe tendonitis in my elbow right before I started my current run and got a cortisone shot. The pain is there, no doubt about it, but I try to work around it. I won't do certain excercises that seem to irritate it more than it already is, but things like pull-ups are a staple and I can't omit that from my workouts. I've been taking Forged Joint Repair for the past couple of weeks along with mega doses of additional glucosamine but it's too early to tell if it's helping or not.

    I'd say continue on if you can find excercises that you can work with without too much pain. But if it's that bad, then you gotta get off and just rest.

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