Boladrol/Halovar after thoughts

  1. Boladrol/Halovar after thoughts

    Hears a quick overview of what I ran Just stared PCT today;




    Ran CEL cycle asst. 4/4 a day, fish oil, some times vpx shot gun (very lethargic on this cycle)
    Also took one pill of SNS inhibit e starting week 3 at night, felt a little tenderness in the right nipple.

    Toremifine Citrate (120/100/80/20)
    Clomid (100/50/25/25)
    CA (8/8/4/3/2)
    SNS inhibit e (0/0/2/1/1)
    Lean-X (0/2/2/2/2)

  2. So....what are your after thoughts?

  3. As far as gains go didn't feel anything until mid week 2, then the strength starting coming on slowly, not much as far as weight gain goes.

    week three I could tell I had definitely leaned out, strength starting going up, but lethargy was at an all time high, to top things off I ran out of PWO, tried using a medium does of Clen, (I no it's not a stimulate) However I felt it was to much for my heart/bp. So I toughed it out.

    Finally week 4 comes around got my PWO in the mail, strength was noticeably up, weight gain started coming in around a lb a day, in the final week I went from 180-186.

    Overall, I feel like a solo superdrol would of yielded more gains, but I did lean out while gaining some quality poundage and strength over the four weeks. Bench went up from 235-275 (happy about that)

    Anyways started PCT today

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