Islandmagic Got Lit-UP BY Applied Nutriceuticals

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    Islandmagic Got Lit-UP BY Applied Nutriceuticals

    Hello everyone- I want to thank Applied Nutriceuticals for sending me the sample of Lit-up.....!!!!!!

    Taste is 10 ( I do not care about that)
    Focus 10
    Energy 10 ( I felt real good No Wired crack feeling just nice flow!!!)
    NO1 3-dimethylamylamine Make me happy
    Crazy color red yes

    I did legs with bands and it was just fing great!!! I had lots of power and I was just rolling on my squats... Very nice

    Other then that I will need to do a full run to see the full affect!!

    I am droping my APS Mesomorph and will be using Lit-Up instead...

    Please note I think APS Mesomorph is the bomb but I just can not deal with 3-dimethylamylamine it make me unhappy!!!..

    Applied Nutriceuticals this is my 1st product I used of your thank you for the sample!!!!
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    thadda boy!

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