Ono's second crack at USP labs Recreate - log

  1. Ono's second crack at USP labs Recreate - log

    I started a Recreate log a few years ago but ended up giving up after a week or so as i injured my ankle playing football.

    For the last 10 weeks or so i have been cutting. The scales say i have dropped around 7lbs which isn't loads but i have hung on to my muscle, which was the main aim. If anything, my chest and back both look thicker.

    Anyway, i have around 5-6 weeks left of my cutting cycle so i thought it would be fun to use Recreate again to help me achieve my targets.

    So hopefully for the next 5-6 weeks i will be running a daily log. I know there are plenty already out there, but most are unfinished (like my last one), so i will be doing my very best to keep on top of it.

    I'm currently 173lbs, 5'8" and i'd gauge my bodyfat levels at around 17-20%. That's a rough estimate. I have a 'before' photo anyway which will be in this post somewhere. My current waist measurement is 34 inches exactly.

    Edit: Me before my Recreate cycle (yes i'd turned into a bit of a fat **** before my cut :-))


    My current regime consists of a daily weights session followed by 40-50 minutes moderate - high intensity cardio. The only exception is a Tuesday and Thursday where i only do a cardio workout.

    My diet throughout my 10 week initial cut was still fairly high in carbohydrate. For the remainder of my cutting cycle i will be lowering carbohydrate to somewhere in the region of 250g per day, or at least that is the plan. Hopefully the Recreate will help with cravings. Protein is around the 150g per day mark. Fat is around 40 -50g per day.

    I'll be posting my daily diet with the logs anyway, so i'll be able to make adjustments as i go along. My Recreate arrived today so today is officially day 1. I'll log it in when i get back in from football tonight.

  2. Day 1


    08:30 - 1 recreate tablet (to test tolerance )

    09:00 - 300g Natural fat free yoghurt with oat clusters

    12:00 - Turkey salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

    15:00 - 2 recreate tablets

    15:00 - 1 pear, 1 kiwi fruit, 250g natural fat free yoghurt

    16:45 - 35 minutes moderate intensity cardio workout

    18:00 - Chicken and white rice in low fat satay sauce

    19:30 - Turkey in a wholemeal tortilla dressed with Balsamic vinegar

    21:15 - Football - 50 minute 5-aside match

    22:30 - Protein shake with skimmed milk +5g of creatine


    I've been in a very good mood all day. That's the first thing i've noticed. A nice clean energy sort of feeling, which is similar to what many other people have reported. Had good energy in the gym during my cardio session. I felt hotter than usual and i sweat more, which is to be expected. I felt really hungry after my cardio session, but the session in itself was spur of the moment. I didn't realise my football match was so late this week, so when i found out i decided to test out the Recreate with an afternoon workout. I won't feel as hungry after my next session as i will have eaten properly before it.

    Appetite suppression in general has been good, despite what i've just said. I didn't crave much food until after my first cardio session so that's good. Eating after cardio isn't a big deal as i'll be replenishing glycogen levels anyway.

    Anyway the energy carried over in to my football match. I felt great. I actually felt a little hyper for a while before the game. And even now, 7 or so hours after my last dose, i still feel like i could do with burning off some steam, which is no good as i'll need to get some sleep soon. Hopefully sleeping won't be an issue anyway. My body feels tired, so i'll put some 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' on and let Larry David rock me to sleep.

    No negative effects at all. I remember in the past feeling really sick after dosing, but that hasn't happened as of yet. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings. It's chest day tomorrow so i'll see how my energy carries over into my cardio session afterwards.

    Day 1 = so far so good.

  3. Day 2:

    Diet & Day

    08:00 - 1 recreate tablet

    08:30 - Bran Flakes with 225 fat free natural yohgurt

    11:30 - Tuna on wholemeal tortilla dressed with balsamic vinegar

    14:00 - 1 recreate tablet

    14:30 - Sweet potato with fat free cottage cheese

    17:00 - 1 recreate tablet

    17:30 - Wholemeal pasta with turkey ham and half serving of low fat tomato based sauce

    18:30 - 1 plain wholemeal tortilla () with protein shake

    19:45 - 21:15 - gym time

    21:30 - Protein and carbohydrate recovery drink

    10:30 - Wholemeal pasta and turkey ham

    11:00 - 12:30 - Curb Your Enthusiasm


    Been in a good mood all day again. Had decent energy, although i did have a few dips, which resulted in me having an afternoon sleep for an hour. Gym session felt good, and cardio afterwards felt good. Feel quite a bit hotter when exercising which is to be expected.

    Tonight was chest followed by 45 minutes cardio on the x trainer. Burned getting on for 700 calories just on the x trainer. I'm guessing closer to 1,000 in the 90 minutes i was in the gym.

    All in all, a good day again. Only negative effect i have noticed is slight leg weakness after exercising. This could be more of an anxious thing as stims tend to have that effect on me. everything else is fine though. Appetite suprression was just ok. Felt hungry later on in the day despite eating wholegrains and protein. It's curbing my appetite at work though so that's good.

    Will keep you posted.

  4. Day 5

    My training and diet has been constant from days 1 - 5.

    I did have a cheat meal on Friday, but it was post workout so the at least the carbs will have been ok-ish.

    Saturday decided to do a carb-up day as i was feeling a little flat from 10 weeks of cutting. Feeling a bit fuller today and i'll be hitting the gym soon for shoulders and cardio.

    So far i am loving it. I've been in a great mood since last Tuesday. I've been sleeping fine. Infact, better than i was before i started the Recreate.

    I've had good energy in the gym. Trained legs and cardio yesterday and i wanted to carry on.

    Still only dosing at 3 per day. I'm noticing i'm looking a little leaner, like i have more definition in my upper ab area.

    Not had any side effects that i can think of. I'll keep going anyway.

  5. Keep this up mate as its a struggle to find a slide recreate log even though everyone praises it. I'm thinking of using it with OEP for my 6 week cut, but I'm sitting at around 11% bf.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by saggy321 View Post
    Keep this up mate as its a struggle to find a slide recreate log even though everyone praises it. I'm thinking of using it with OEP for my 6 week cut, but I'm sitting at around 11% bf.
    Yeah i noticed that too when i was looking for logs a few week back. I'm probably going to buy another bottle and run it for 6 weeks anyway, so i'll keep it going.

    So far so good.

  7. Day 6

    Now taking 4 tablets per day

    Morning workout wasn't great. Trained pretty much on an empty stomach so i'd imagine that was the reason for it. I did take 2 recreate tablets 30 minutes before my session but i still didn't feel great.

    Managed a half hearted shoulder session and 20 minutes on the x trainer, in the morning.

    My carbohydrate intake was moderate (for me). Somewhere in the region of 200g, maybe slightly more.

    I took the other two recreate tablets 30 minutes before my tea.

    Decided to head back to the gym later on in the evening for some more cardio work. Did a 10 minute warm up/moderately paced run on the treadmill before doing some HIT on the x trainer. Felt much better during this workout as i had fueled up correctly.


    Great mood for the majority of the day
    Good energy in the gym
    No insomnia
    Starting to notice my upper abs. Definition definitely wasn't there prior to me taking Recreate.


    Struggling to find any obvious negatives

  8. Day 7

    Evening workout today. Trained biceps and triceps. I had good energy again. Followed it up with a 20 minute HIT cardio session.

    I took my last Recreate at about 7pm which i've discovered is no good if you want to get to sleep before 2am.

    I had quite a lot of Caffeine in general yesterday anyway. Am i right in thinking Recreate contains 25mg caffeine per tablet?

    Nothing major to report. Positive mood is still there. Feeling more talkative. Appetite suppression is a little stronger on 4 tablets per day which is good.

    Only sides i've really experienced have been down to me taking too much caffeine. Sugar Free Red Bull for example.

    Definitely going to run another bottle. Going to follow it through for the recommended 60 days.

  9. Day 8, 9 & 10

    Much of the same. Looking a little bit leaner everywhere really. My waist is down half an inch from last week which is good.

    Still feeling all of the positives and still not really found any negatives.

  10. Day 11,12 and 12

    I had some work done at the dentist. Had to have a root removed (from a previously extracted tooth) in order to prepare for a brace. Had to have my gum stitched up and as a result, i didn't feel like doing much. I skipped my dosage of Recreate for the day. I wasn't really able to eat anyway, nor train.

    Back on the Recreate on Saturday and back at the gym on Sunday. Had little energy due to a sinus infection. Still feeling a little ****ty if i'm honest.

    The Recreate isn't having the same mental effect anymore, atlhough i do steel feel in a good mood most of the time.

    I've switched my cardio up a little. Now doing HIT intervals on the treadmill, after my weights sessions.

    Muscles still full from last weeks carb up, which is nice. Strength is still good in the gym. Infact, i still can't find any negatives. Fat loss appears to be ticking over nicley. Not noticed any major changes in the last week, but i'm reaching a point where i'm going to find it harder to lose fat anyway.

    Anyway, i'll keep this one going.

  11. Day 13 & 14.

    Feeling quite energetic in the gym and feeling great when i'm playing football. I am getting a little fed up of cardio and i feel myself wanting to spend more time lifting weights during my gym sessions. Just got to stick with it i guess.

    Noticed over the last few days i've had a bit of a dodgy stomach. Don't know if it's the Recreate, or whether it's just something else.

    Other than that, it's all good still. Looking leaner. More definition in the shoulders and my arms look better. Bodyfat seems to be disappearing. Not at a remarkable weight, but still at a satisfying weight.

    Appetite suppression is still quite good, although i do get hunger pangs from time to time. Luckily, these times seem to be post-workout, which works out prett well.

    Nothing amazingly different to report, but two weeks in, i'm quite satisfied with what i've seen so far. It's probably worth the money just for the positive mood it's put me.

  12. Just a heads-up. I finished the bottle. I only ran it for 1 month.

    I lost 1.5inch from around my waist. I don't actually know what my final weight was as the scales at the gym have been out of order for a while. I did weigh myself last week and i was below 12 stone for the first time in a few years.

    I didn't really lose any muscle mass. I'll post some after pictures. I look more defined, which is mainly what i was looking for. I'll probably run this again for 4 weeks before i go away in July. It's a really solid product imo.

  13. The before shot can be found on the first post.

    The after shot is below.


  14. Nice work!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Cogrick2
    Nice work!
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.


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