1. EPI/M-LMG Stack

    I finished up a 6 week hdrol bulk run in December in which I put on about 25 lbs. I am planning on running an EPI/M-LMG cut in March. I should be able to put on a few more pounds, but the main goal is getting rid of the fat I put on when bulking. I was able to keep 100% of my weight, size, and strength gains throughout PCT and beyond. I've actually been putting up PRs even after PCT.

    I will be lowering my cal intake a bit, but not too much as I want to stay about the same size. There will be a lot of cardio and a lot of lean meats. I also will be changing up my protein powder from a whey concentrate to an isolate with low carbs.

    Here is the plan so far:

    IBE EPI 30/40/40/40/40/40
    CEL M-LMG 50/75/75/75/100/100 - I may change the dosage.

    Nolva 20/20/10/10 - I have heard Clomid may be a better choice for this stack.
    DS Triazole or DS Activate Xtreme - Bridged with Nolva for additional 4 weeks
    DS Lean Xtreme
    MP Assault

    Supp Staples - Used on-cycle and PCT
    AI Cycle Support
    NOW 3-6-9 Omega
    NOW Whey Protein Isolate
    Animal Flex
    Animal Pak

    Any thoughts?

  2. looks pretty good to me!
    maybe save the divanill until 3rd week or even after pct.

    add a couple grams of vitamin c for (some more !)cortisol control taken upon waking and post exercise...it is cheap and good for you in other ways too.
    drink a lot of water!

    add some bcaas maybe,
    an intra maybe with some hydrolysates,
    some lclt.
    some potassium...a little cal/mag,
    and lots of taurine!

    should cut like a razor!

  3. Bump

    How did this cycle work for you? I just started the same stack last week.

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