*****i used the product with the astrovar sample i was sent as well, altho there is astrogin already in the stuff, im not convinced the astrovar makes that much of a difference and is more of a gimmick add on to get the buyer to hand over more coin

taste - 9/10 ..... watered down cool aid-esque
focus - 10/10 ... for a non-stim prewo, it definately held its own vs 1,3D
stamina - 10/10 ....again, it did the job, i had been off stims for a bit, so i really felt a difference on this one, enuff that i did my cardio after training, which is a bitch for me
strength - 7-10 .....no real difference here, than my usual output
pump - 11/10 ....definately the best part of this product, the focus was a surprise, but my ipod does that, the pump was sick, i can compare it to the glycocarn (primordial performance) i have been using at 6g prewo, may be even a tad better

really i was surprised, alot of products on a certain bodybuilding site/store, start out with high ratings and then fall once the 'real' users chime in......i got the samples straight from top secret, and i was very impressed....i heard it taste bad...i like it, not as good as assault from mp taste wise, but not as bad as say some of the controlled labs stuff

focus was there, on par with all the 1,3 dimeth stuff iv used, even jack3d...but the energy and stamina wasnt the jittery 'i gotta do this' feeling, more a controlled energy, good none the less

pumps were great, i trained chest/tris, and my pecs and tris were swole about 20min into the workout, it came on steadily, and didnt fade until i was home for a bit....it was very evident when doing cardio on the treadmill, and in a relaxed jog, i felt very tight n pumped up....the pumps were as good as glycocarn or premax which previously i felt were at the top for the most part, this gave me a ph/aas type pump (and i know what im talking bout, altho that aas pump doesnt go away lol)

i will for sure look into this product and but it, as it really impressed me, and having used alot of tuff, and for the most part being a bulk powder - dont but into prop blend stuff, guy...this stuff is g2g