Wanna get LIT? up...

  1. Wanna get LIT? up...

    First off thanks to Appnut for sending me a sample of this. It's always nice to get to try something before buying a whole tub of it.

    So a little background on what I did here. I tried this Thursday night which is normally a rest day for me but I had to go to the gym Thursday because of some family obligations on Friday. I was extremely tired when I got home from work so I was happy to see the sample in my mailbox when I got home.

    All good up until this point. So I mixed it up.

    Taste: 10/10 Stuff's delicious! Cherry flavor. Kind of odd consistency compared to what I'm used to. It's a little thicker but not like protein thick. Bright! My kids were like "I want that"! **** is bright red. LOL.

    Mix: 8/10 Mixed very easy in a glass of water with a fork. (My usual pwo system) Got a little "frothy" on top but no graininess.

    O.K. so here's where I screwed up. (Did I mention how tired I was?) So I read the whole package at least twice and still never noticed the 2 servings thing. I dumped the whole thing and chugged it.

    Focus: 10/10 This has to be a strong point for this product. I really like focus from these type of products. Too many preworkouts stim me out but overpower my focus. This is a definite plus for this one!

    Energy: 6/10 Despite the fact that I sucked down double I didn't really have a lot of energy. Not the stim energy I'm used to anyway. To be fair, as tired as I was I'm not sure anything would have given me a ton of energy.

    Strength: 8/10 Despite not having any energy I had no issue hitting my weights which I usually would being this tired. I have to assume that in a normal state it would be great.

    Endurance: My endurance was horrible. Again I was tired so that could have been the issue. Also, see next section.

    2 servings was definitely too much for me! My heart was POUNDING by the time I got to the gym. In that state I lose my breath much quicker and endurance suffers. Then of course theirs the "I'm going to have a heart attack" feeling. Most likely too much caffeine for me at that dose.

    I wish I would have seen that so I could try it at one serving to see how it works for me.

    I had to take a test later that night and my focus was still strong at 9pm after dosing this at 5. The other issue I had was I couldn't get to sleep at 11...or 12...or 1! LOL. I got up and took some Need2sleep and it knocked me down. Slept fine after. Again, I would attribute this to the dose. My bad. Wish I had one more sample to try it right.

    Overall seems like a really solid product. I like that it's different from the other preworkouts out there. I always workout in the evening though so I would have to test out the sleep factor before I could make it a regular.

  2. Nice review, glad you liked it. Keep in mind, Lit Up is not designed to give that stim "cracked out" energy feeling.

    Send me your info and I can get a new sample to you.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    Nice review, glad you liked it. Keep in mind, Lit Up is not designed to give that stim "cracked out" energy feeling.

    Send me your info and I can get a new sample to you.
    Thanks but chubbarock already got me! You guys are good! LOL

    Promise to update the review after I try the new one.

  4. O.K. Thanks to chubbarock I got a second chance to try this out so I wanted to follow up on my review. This time I used half the packet on 2 occasions.

    Taste: 10/10 Stuff's delicious! My opinion here remains unchanged. This stuff is good. The red is a little over the top. I had to wipe some off of my counter and it does stain like kool aid.

    Mix: 6/10 I'm dropping my rating on this slightly. I mix in a glass of cold water with a fork. Might not be ideal but it's how I mix all preworkouts and this one mixed a lot like bcaa's do. Which is to say it doesn't real well. That said it's a light "fluffy" mix and I just added a little more water to the empty glass and swirled it around to get the remainder and it went right down. Not a huge deal in my book.

    Focus: 10/10 Still really impressed here. The focus is definitely the strength of the product.

    Energy: 8/10 I upped this category from my last review. I wasn't exhausted when I took it this time just a normal day. Not a stim rush like most pre's on the market but that's good in my book sometimes. I could see me having this in my cabinet for days when I don't want that stimmed up crackhead feeling. Hey, I like that sometimes!

    Strength: 8/10 About the same. Not a huge spike in strength but with the DAA in there I could see this building with regular use.

    Endurance: 6/10 I didn't find that this "pushed" me through extra sets like some preworkouts do. I didn't run out of energy or anything but I didn't feel like I NEEDED to stay for more reps at the end of my workouts either.

    Overall impression...I like the product. For days I don't need crazy energy it would great to have in my cabinet. For days I do I would use something like N2KTS or Mesomorph. I would want to have "another" pre anyway since this has DAA in it and that's not something I want to run constantly without cycling off.

    I did still have trouble sleeping after taking it. I dosed it at around 4:30 both days and had some trouble getting to sleep at 11. I don't have that issue with any other preworkout so I'm not sure what's in this that gives me that issue. I don't really have a caffeine sensitivity either since I drink a **** ton of coffee. Often even at night.

    Thanks again App Nut for letting me try it out. I would say to anyone on the edge that it's worth picking it up to try. It IS different which is good.

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