KJ Mini Log/Weekly Review of Erase/Alpha T-2

  1. KJ Mini Log/Weekly Review of Erase/Alpha T-2

    Current Supps
    Alpha T-2
    EC Stack
    Purple Wrath
    White Flood - pre workout only when I need it.
    Multi Vitamin
    Fish Oil
    Vitamin C

    Here is my Week 1 Review. I will be posting at least once a week or days where I feel awesome. I plan on running this for 8 weeks.

    Weight: 237, -5lbs

    Fat Loss: all water probably. I have measurements and before/after photos so that will be the final judge. I personally think my stomach looks smaller, but once again, before and after photos and measurements will be final judge.

    Energy: I definitely do not feel tired in the morning. The mornings are great as it is nice and clean. I do not feel the same effect in the afternoon though it seems. I have some energy from this stack but it is just not the same as the mornings.

    Mood: My mood has been great. I have been upbeat considering some events, but thats life and everything happens for a reason.

    Aggression: 2 out of the 4 lifting days this week I felt like I had a lot of aggression. My 1 cardio day (prowler and medicine ball circuit) I felt great. Unfortunately, one of those days that I did not have aggression was leg day and one of the days I had aggression was today and that was a short shoulder workout.

    Recovery: I am sore from my leg workout yesterday, but I did take 2 weeks off from legs. We will see how I feel on Saturday when I do legs again. I try to do them on Wed and Sat. One light and one heavy day.

    Libido: No change.

    Joints: Do not hurt yet. I am taking is 6-9 grams of fish oil a day and 1-2 gallons of water a day.

    I think I covered everything but if you want to know anything else, just ask and I will comment on it.

    Started 2/1 dosage for both Erase and Alpha T-2 yesterday.

    Looking foward for the next 7 weeks!

  2. You should see great results on this stack, especially with the addition of EC, and definitely better than better if your nutrition and training are also targeted at your goals optimally for you.

    Re your "fat loss" for the first week, yes, very highly likely that a lot of it will be from food and water weight, your scale weight loss, and a decrease in bloating and water retention, etc. will make your midsection smaller. Some of that loss may have been fat as well - you don't know unless you have your body composition accurately measured on a weekly basis.

    Otherwise, all the best over the next seven weeks - gonna be on helluva ride!

    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  3. End of Week 2 Review

    I have not used EC stack this week due to not have any E. The pharmacies did not have any in my town so I gotta go to a bigger town to a Walgreens. They never fail me.

    Weight: 236, -6lbs

    Fat Loss: Only dropped one pound this week but I am happy I am keeping it off. I would have lost more probably but I did no cardio.

    I dosed it 2/1 this week and I like how I have a nice clean energy throughout the morning. I am testing 1/1/1 cause I want one pre-bed and I will see how that works out.

    Mood: My mood has still been great. It always seems like bad things happen all at once and then good things all at once in my life. Wish it would spread it out a little bit. But very upbeat since I am going snowboarding next week and I also have a interview in Colorado next week so I am quite thrilled about that. Just found out about the interview yesterday so that will only add good things to my mood. And it is not stressful cause I really do not mind if I get the job.

    Aggression: Even though I did no cardio, I hit the weights 5 days. 3 of those days were awesome. chest day, leg day and shoulder day. I am starting drop sets for the next four weeks except for on legs. I get through my workouts and feel strong and want to keep going.

    Recovery: Real suprised that I am recovering as quickly as I am. Expected to be sore from my monday and tuesday chest and shoulder drop set workouts but recovered by wednesday. Then had a hard leg workout on wednesday and an not sore today. 9 sets of squat, lunges, heavy step ups, deadlifts. It was a good leg day for me.

    Libido: This has jumped up alot. Its nice! Not consistent though. About an every other day type ordeal.

    Joints: Still dont hurt yet. I expected my knee to act up but it has not. Thats a good thing!

    Appetite: 3 days this week it just seemed like I could not get enough food. I was still really hungry after I ate so I would eat a little more. The past 2 days I have made a bigger lunch and that has seemed to help some.

    Strength: has gone down in chest and shoudlers but that is expected. Now I am doing drop sets so I do not expect any strength gains while running this. If I see an increase in Squat I will be happy. Also, I would only do 2 pull-ups before, now I can do about 3 1/2. I am hoping to be able to do about 5-7 after the 8 weeks are up.

    I wont be able to weigh myself next Friday so I will weigh and post at least by Wednesday of next week.

    So far enjoying this stack and will only get better when I get some more E.

  4. Week 3-4 in Review - Did not do much in week 3 as far as lifting but I did do some cardio. In week 4 I messed up my elbow and have still not recovered so I just did legs and some cardio. I got sick on my last day of this stack and I dropped some more weight but 233 was the final weigh before I got sick.

    Weight: 233, -9bs

    Fat Loss: I never got around to taking after pictures as I got sick and got busy. As of Friday, I weighed 231. I decided to only run 4 weeks as I should be able to lose more weight without this and I want to get the most benefits before I run more and waste money.

    Energy: I liked dosing 1/1/1 better. I just felt better with this.

    Mood: I was good through all of this. I hate not being able to lift but I could still do legs.

    Aggression: I thought I would get more in these weeks but that may have been because of very little lifting. I did feel great on leg days and hit them hard.

    Recovery: Recovered very fast. After snowboarding, I was ready to go the next day and my friends were very suprised and I am a crazy, bad amatuer snowboarder. Goin through trees and taking off jumps when I have no business do so. Not the smartest but I had fun.

    Libido: Same as the other weeks, not consistent. Some days, way up, other days, just there. Up from now when I am not on it though, I can definately tell that much.

    Joints: My knee only bothered me one day. Other than that, no joint pain for me.

    Appetite: As long as I ate a bigger lunch, it my appetite seemed to stay under control.

    Strength: Went down in everything except for pull-ups. That is expected though while tryin to lose some weight. I can now do about 4 1/2 with some help from kipping. I will take what I can get, before I could not do any so I am thrilled.

    I definately plan on using this again. This time, hopefully I can lift the full 4 weeks and see the real benefits of it. I hope this was clear enough and I explained everything good enough. If not, I will reexplain myself if you have questions.

    Hopefully this helps some!

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