ACTIVATEX+ TRIAZOLE+ LEANX (DS) 8-WEEK LOG w. before/after pics

  1. ACTIVATEX+ TRIAZOLE+ LEANX (DS) 8-WEEK LOG w. before/after pics

    this will be a non-sponsored log


    increase strength
    build muscle


    started at 14 years with alot of breaks
    really started again september 2010

    train. stats
    benchp. 95kgx 8
    squat 140kgx 6
    deadlift 120kgx 6

    nothing special and no strict plan
    meat, vegetables, rice, noodles, fruits, nuts etc.
    and sometimes also bad things (but no alcohol)

    the cycle:

    * ax week 1-8| 6 caps/ daily
    * tz week 1-8| 4 caps/ daily
    * lx week 1-8| 4 caps/ daily

    other supps:


    * 100% casein & whey- on|daily
    * myofusion- gn|daily


    * presurge ul.- aen|1-2/ week
    * mesomorph- aps|1-2/ week


    * dmaa, pea, phenadrine- aps, stizm- tl|sometimes


    * shut eye- fb|daily
    * powerfull- usp|daily, as long as it runs out (~2 weeks)

    overall health

    * fish oil|daily
    * vitamins&minerals|daily

    yesterday i took 3ax and 2tz. daily dose will be 6ax 4tz 4lx.
    today its back+bizeps time

    i will try to update this log after every training, so keep checking it

    i attached some actual pictures and i will also post a few at the end of the cycle

    peace out
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  2. I'm in

    let's see how it treats ya'

    Good luck

  3. subbed, good luck with the run.

  4. you got a good base to work on , the stack can only improve on what is already a respectable physique.

    good luck

  5. You have great shape. Definately in for this one!
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  6. thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate it.

    today i took 1x no-xplode igniter shot + 1g pea preworkout. i have to say that no-xplode ist the most overrated booster-product ever.

    however, the training was good


    dead lift: 60kgx25| 60kgx20| 110kgx10| 130kgx7| 120kgx7| x7| 110kgx8| 100kgx8

    chin-ups: 15kgx7| 10kgx7| 0kgx10| x10

    bent over barbell rows: 80kgx7| 70kgx8| x8| x8

    seated cable rows:
    60kgx10| 70kgx8| x8

    dumbbell shrugs: 32,5kgx12|x12| x11| x10

    alternate bic. curls: 17,5kgx8

    hammercurls: 17,5kgx8| x8

    concentration curls (bent over): 12,5kgx10| x10

    duration: ~ 90 min.

    today i bought some lifting-hooks. they are very good for deadlift, but i think most of you already knew that

    i also added "animal flex" (universal) to my supps and decreased the triazole-dose to 2caps/day.

    next update will be on saturday -->"legday"
    !!!shut up and squat!!!

    edit: next update will be on friday not on saturday. i thought today its thursday

  7. Subbed!

    Do you know of the mesomorph you have is the new or old formula?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  8. its the old version without creatin nitrate

  9. Quote Originally Posted by heman86 View Post
    its the old version without creatin nitrate
    ahhh man.. the new stuff is the shiz-nit!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  10. update

    yesterday i took 2 phenadrine before a 60 min. cardio workout
    cardio -->

    today it was leg(abs)-day. took 1 phenadrine + 1 scoop mesomorph and the workout was pretty intense


    barbell squat: 70kgx17| x16| 120kgx10| 140kgx8| 150kgx6| 130kgx8| x8| 110kgx9

    leg extensions: 60kgx10| x10| x10| x10| x10

    lying leg curls: 30kgx12| 35kgx8| x8| 30kgx10| x8| x8| x8

    decline situps: 0kgx40| x30| 10kgx10| x10| x10

    decline oblique crunch: 0kgx14| x14

    duration: ~80 min

    my weight after my cardiosession yesterday was 89 kg.

    tomorrow it`s chest-shoulder-triceps workout and i think it will be awesome
    update is also coming tomorrow

  11. update

    saturday i`ve done my chest-shoulder-tri workout. nothing special to say. strength remains the same even though i stoped taking creatin for a week.
    took 2 scoops presurge unleashed pre workout.
    conclusion after taking mesom. und presurge a few times:
    presurge ul. tastes better, mesmomorph works better


    barbell benchpress:50kgx20| x17| x16| 90kgx8

    barbell incline benchpress:70kgx9| x8| x9| 60kgx10| x10

    straight-arm dumbbell pullover:32,5kgx12| 42,5kgx6| 32,5kgx10| x10

    one-arm incline lateral raise:10kgx10| x10| x10

    Bent Over Low-Pulley Side Lateral: 10kgx8| x6| 7,5kgx10

    Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press:65kgx12| 70kgx8| 65kgx8| 60kgx10

    Cable One Arm Tricep Extension:12,5kgx10| x10| x10| x10| x10

    duration: ~90min

    on sunday i`ve done cardio again, dropped 2 phenadrine before
    my weight after cardio was 89,5 kg. thats +1,5kg after 1 week without creatin.

    today i will do back-biceps wo and will update later

  12. You've added just over 3lbs in a week?
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe View Post
    You've added just over 3lbs in a week?
    seems so, it´s strange because i also stopped taking creating one week ago.
    i thought that i would lose a little bit, because i took creatin for a long time at 5g/day.
    i will try to check my weight again tomorrow and update it.

  14. Bump for updates.
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  15. All ok bro?
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  16. Subbed for later updates


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