Mdrol pct

  1. Mdrol pct

    hey im just curious but im about to run an mdrol cycle of 20/20/30/30 soon with some cycle support,ive done 2 pro hormone cycles previous to this,both were epistane at my last cycle being 40/40/40/ like to know if this is a good pct to run with my mdrol cycle coming up since ive read how potent it can be.
    nolva at 2ml,2ml,1ml,1ml and stack that with substain alpha or post cycle support

  2. 20/20/30/30 seems to be a lot for a first cycle of M-Drol. Start at 10mg and after a week, bump it up to 20mg.. You shouldn't need more than that. And you could end the cycle after 3 weeks..

    SERM is the most important part of the PCT. Nolva and PCS should be OK but you might want to add in some cortisol blocker and maybe another natty test booster..

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