Day one of many! Do or die trying!

  1. Day one of many! Do or die trying!

    Day one low carb!

    Upon rising
    1 scoop of whey
    1 cup of berries

    3 eggs and 5 egg whites
    1 low carb ww tortilla
    1oz low fat cheese
    1/4 cup of salsa

    3oz deli turkey
    1oz almonds

    1/2 ww hamburger bun
    6oz lean ground beef patty
    1 slice of tomato
    1/4 avocado
    1 cup of broccli

    1 scoop of whey
    1 medium sweet potato

    post workout
    1 scoop of whey and 1 scoop of casein
    3/4 cup of white rice

    8-9oz of tilapia
    15 asparagus spears

    bedtime snack
    1 scoop of casein powder
    1tbsp flaxseed oil

    daily totals

    2,477 calories
    283 g of protein
    136 g of carbs
    89 g of fat
    29 g of fiber

    I will post my workout later and add in my supp plan later. Right now Im trying to give my new nutrition plan a week and my workouts a go and from there ill add supps in after.

  2. Woke up sore, bit that's par for the course! Today is high carb day! Menu will be posted this evening

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