what product(s) should i take for a cutting cycle?

  1. what product(s) should i take for a cutting cycle?

    I've been doing research but can't find anything. I found winztrol but the last time it was mentioned was in 2009. Is there any new products similar to winztrol or anything that will help rip me up and build muscle?

  2. wrong section bro, this belongs in anabolics but to answer ur question, look for a Orastan-E clone, google is ur friend. or u can try hdrol, epistane, furza clones. these are all mild dry PHs, or even protomax which is at a great price now and with every PH, u need a proper pct after the cycle, nolva or clomid and not the OTC types
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  3. thanks for the info dude. is there a way i can move this thread to the anabolics page or nah?

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