I'm sure you all know and love MAN Clout....the new version is awesome and I was about to hit into this log and run another month ....................


WTF my tub of Clout arrived yesterday batch FB2302 (?) and BB0312....I opened it and it just looked/smelled all wrong ...
It wasn't the fine pink powder I'm used to : it was white and smelled really caustic like bile.

It got even worse when I tasted it.....

I'm in the uk and all my last 3tubs have come from the same supplier no worries. All tasted good and none looked or smelled like this .

I questioned them and they responded with this:


Thank you for your concern, however, I can assure you the product is absolutely fine. We were notified by MAN in the USA back in November last year that they had moved raw materials manufacturer's due to an issue with their original plant, and the flavour matrix for their product has altered, but none of the active ingredients. They are aware in the drop in standards for their flavouring matrix and are currently working hard to re-attain the original good mix and flavour matrix moving forward.

Thank you for your concern, and if I can be any further help just let me know.

Kind regards,"

Does anyone have any idea if this is true??

Was my latest batch just f*cked?

MAN have yet to respond to my emails and the retailers won't take it back....

I love CLOUT but think I have been put off for life....I couldn't even get down the first double dose.....I've had some awful sh*t before but it smells like a cleaning product......surely this is not down to a change in supplier??

Any Rep could answer it but I see they are hard to find...

Anyone had a similar issue this year??

sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but I wanted to log my stack: CLOUT / Protocol/ DRIVE/ IGF-2...

It aint gonna happen ...yet