Reducing with Reduction

  1. Reducing with Reduction AM/PM

    I'm going to log my results with reduction by controlled labs for those who are interested. I'm also trying jack3d for the first time so I'll give my opinion on that as well.



    I'm going to stick with a basic recomp diet. I've been cutting since November and I've been consistently losing fat so I'm hoping reduction will help me blast through the next month.


    Jack3d (tomorrow)

    I'll post some measurements up tomorrow. My goal is to get anywhere below 195lbs and maintain the majority of my strength. I'd like to see more vascularity and start seeing my lower abs. I haven't been below 200lbs in 4 or 5 years so that on its own will be a milestone.

  2. Weight

    203.6 lbs


    Waist (belly button) - 37'
    Arms - 16.25'
    Quads - 24.25'
    Chest - 43'

    I'm going to start tomorrow, package didn't arrive on time.

  3. is this reduction am pm?
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  4. Yeah, the pill form.

  5. im in this. i was decidin if i should do it but i went with an ECA. good luck bro
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  6. Thanks, we'll see what happens

  7. JACK3D

    My package finally came today so I'm going to take my first PM dose tonight.

    On another note I used Jack3d today for the first time. I had one of my best shoulder workouts of the year. Energy was intense. Got at least a few extra reps on all my exercises. I haven't taken anything with beta alanine for a while so the tingling was interesting. I felt a good pump, not sure if thats because the workout was more intense or Jack3d but either way it was good. As for the taste it wasn't great but wasn't bad at all either (fruit punch).

    So I was impressed, excellent product. Hopefully I don't get too used to it, this stuff will really help out with cardio as well.

  8. Day 5

    Weight - 201lbs (-2lbs)

    So I'm down 2 lbs so far. Not a lot to report in terms of noticable effects really. The morning pills give me a quick boost. The PM pills almost definitely improve the quality of my sleep although I have been having weird vivid dreams. All I care about is that I keep dropping weight. Hopefully 2lbs a week. If that happens I will be very pleased with this product.

  9. Day 7

    Weight - 200.6lbs

    Starting to look a bit leaner, vascularity is improving and my upper abs are poking through. I like this product so far. I'm down between 2-3lbs in the first week, I lost 1 inch on my waist and for some reason I have been getting slightly stronger.

    And I am loving Jack3d, this could be to blame for the strength increases.

  10. Day 19

    Weight - 196.6lbs

    Waist - 35 inches (measurement taken 5 days ago)

    My weight has been dropping steadily and from the right places. I'm not sure how much of this is due to reduction but I'm happy so far.


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