Havoc/Katanadrol 2.0 Cycle Advice

  1. Havoc/Katanadrol 2.0 Cycle Advice

    I'm looking for some feedback on my cycle dosing. Planning on a 5 week cycle

    Havoc stacked with Katanadrol

    SuperCissus RX

    Taurine for pumps (I had wicked lower back pumps last havoc cycle) so I'm assuming I'll need this. What's a good dose?

    Lean Xtreme

    Daily already and will continue:
    4,000iu vitamin D
    4800mg fish oil

    Schedule in the attached doc. The dosages are a bit hinky, as I'm fitting the dosage/schedule to the number of caps in the bottles.

    Questions for the smart folks:
    1. Nolva levels - I'm planning 30/20/10, but I've read 20/10/10 might be sufficient. What say ye? Nolva, being prescription, is a bit tougher to get, so if I canstretch it out for 3 cycle instead of two....
    2. Should I stack for 1 cycle or run the Havoc, take 10 weeks and then run the Katanadrol?
    3. Anything else I should take?

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