1st thanks, jon for sending the samples-also cl of course.

1st off there was white flood-i have used white flood in the past and was a fan of it-it is a different kind of stim and produces a nice calm like stim effect. the sample i recieved was a small pouch which said it contained 2 servings, i poured it into my mixer cup and was surprised by how little was there. by comparison when i used white flood in the past i used 2 of the scoops it contained, the amount in the sample pack said it was 2 servings and would not have equalled 1/2 a scoop of what i used before. not going to rate white flood based on this sample which i felt was not nearly enough. would probably need 3 of the sample packs to get an adequate dose.

green magnitude-tastes great, and mixes well. took it pre and really didn't notice much, but what can you expect from a sample of a creatine based supp?

purple wraath-this is my favorite. some don't care for the taste-i do. for some reason even though it is non stim i get a nice little boost from it. i just bought a bunch of bcaa/eaa's but will probably buy some purple wraath when i catch it on sale.