MM11 quickly reviews Cordygen Vo2 Ultra

  1. MM11 quickly reviews Cordygen Vo2 Ultra

    I have commented many times before about my love for this supplement. I feel that this is the most under rated supplement on the market. Thanks to the new years sales I have many many bottles. I started this run of Vo2 about 2 weeks ago

    *(please note I am only a few weeks in using, but have used in the past

    I dosed Cordygen Vo2 ULTRA 5 caps 90 mins pre work out

    Strength 8/10
    This is not advertised as a strength promoting supplement, maybe its just the way i react to Vo2 but my 1-2 rep maxes become 4-5. My 1 rep max has not increased in past uses (or this one thus far) but more my low rang reps i can get extra reps on, as well perform extra sets.

    Endurance 9/10
    I gave it a 9 and not 10 because for me this takes a week or two to go into max effect, where other positives are felt right away. I have used this for cardio, high rep resistance training, and speed training. It has performed wonderfully in all areas.

    Stamina 10/10
    Doing extra sets, getting more reps with similar weights. also reduced time in between sets, i get antsy and cut my breaks short.

    Fat Loss n/a
    I cannot tell if it has any direct effect on fat loss. Increased intensity, increased cardio, and just overall more intense training COULD lead to fat loss as an indirect effect.

    Mood 6/10
    It really doesnt do much for increased mood, but when im having great sets over and over my mood indirectly is up. for this reason i gave it a 6

    Have to have a con. I dont like that i need to take on an empty 90 mins pre work out. I have to set an alarm wake up take Vo2 then i lay back down for an hour, then get up and go to the gym. If i lifted after work or later in the day i would have trouble following proticol. I also noticed the effects are reduced when not taking on an empty stomach.

    Not a con or pro but my bowl movements are easier.

    Over View
    As i stated Vo2 ultra is in my opinion the most underrated supplement toady. the price/effectiveness ratio is insaine. I have spent tons of cash on supplements that did nothing for me. I know every one reacts to things differently. But i feel like im cheating Vo2 works that well for me. and MST always hooks up the sale at Nutra!

  2. cordyceps vo2 ultra

    I'll second the above thread. I've bought a million supps over the years. This is only on I'll consider buying twice. For endurance guys, this is worth the $$$

  3. to top it off cordyceps has been shown to increase test.

    btw-mst has the best quality cordycep products available, imo.

    nice review!!!

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