Arrogantly Anabolic + Trifecta Combined

  1. Arrogantly Anabolic + Trifecta Combined

    Hello everyone, MR. Havoc here new to the forums and PH but not new to bodybuilding. I have been tossing the plates around for few years now and find myself in the category of a hard gainer, yet I am making gains. Since this is my first time dealing with PH and not going the typical supplements way I have a question here. I have seen tons and tons of post and logs on the Arrogantly Anabolic and the Trifecta, and I seem impressed enough to give it a go and see what kind of results I can obtain.

    My question is looking at the two diffrerent stacks one seems for bulking and the other for cutting, has anyone ever tried to combine the two at the same time?

    Also has anyone used the Superhero Stack to stack with any of them, I would only think that all three combined would give one hell of a cyle, mass and shredding abilites to include two decent PCT's for end time?

    Please any advice would be of great help on this and thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

  2. Welcome to AM.First not being an ass or anything but in the supplement log and review section you probly will not get any responses to the question cuz its not really the right place ,section to post it(this really is only for discussing the log and reveiw threads of the mentioned products.The anabolic section is were you want to be,i also think you should do a lil reading in there(not saying you havnt and im not downtalking the lg stack or anything.I used the trifecta stack when it first came out and i will admit it was fun and does work...i double dosed all of it and ran it about six weeks i bought two trifecta a big guy so i usually have to take more then the recomended dose.torward the end i was having violent dreams..weird,i can usually tell by those that a ph or ds is

    But i beileve the trifecta comes with one thats said to be good for bulking,mass.And the other is said to be more (anabolic?more of a cutter...dont qoute me on this.That being said i think you should try one thing at a time for the moment to get a good feel on whats doing what.Check out epidrol clones and h-drol clones..ive enjoyed those as well and alot of people say the two are good for cutting cycles..

  3. Gidemon,

    Thanks for the welcome as well as the response and letting me know I have put this in the wrong spot. I can see your point in trying one thing at a time as like I said first time jumping into the PH world here, but need to try something to bust up this routine and plateau. What I was looking at trying to do was run the Trifecta for the duration of it's cycle and then switch over to the Arrogantly to cut and maintain, but was not sure how long I need off before I can switch or if I can run it together at the end of one.

    You have to excuse my ignorance and ask where to find clones pm me if you need, and as far as clones I take it these are the closest thing to gear without going into that world.

  4. More like clones of clones..

    you do need to do some more research and like i said the anabolic section will give you every answer you will need(trust me its all been done before and talked about in there..ill pm ya if i get some time tmw

  5. sounds good thanks for the advice and look forward to hearing from you again.



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