Lit Up Review

  1. Lit Up Review

    Taste Was ok a bit sweet for me but I ddin't find it bad tasting in any way...

    Mixability I mixed very well no issues whatsoever

    Stimulant Effect there was a nice warm stimulant effect, like it was getting into the body... I am pretty stim resistant right now an was pleased with the effect...

    Pump I am always pretty pumped these days so it's hard to tell. I definitely felt something, getting back to that warm feeling in my muscles...

    Effect I really feely this helped me get more out of my workout. Looking back I was very focussed and pretty damn strong for a morning workout.

    I like it, it's different than other workout drinks. It's a close call but this definitely ranks up with the other leading products. It may actually have an edge in physical aspects like strength and can hold it's own as far as focus is concerned. The only thing I could not really judge properly is the stim as I have been on OEP for a couple weeks so my resistance is strong. I did forgo the OEP in the morning so I could judge ths stim better, and I still felt it which means to me that it must be reasonably good...

    I did not read any the other reviews so my ipressions are all my own. It will be interesting to read what others have said now..

  2. Thank you for the review. I get more impressed with LIT-UP each time. It really is a well-thoughout product.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Are you ready for N.O. UPTAKE? It's a game-changer!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by drooks10 View Post
    Thank you for the review. I get more impressed with LIT-UP each time. It really is a well-thoughout product.
    Your welcome I will try it again next Sunday and verify my findings, it's lower reps starting then so a bit heavier...

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