With the rest of my life taking up all my internet time, I can not commit to logging anything. Instead to give back to AM I will do a short review of all the supps that I purchase myself. Unbiased truthful reviews.

My first will be Sustain alpha
Sustain Alpha - supports male vitality, libido, and erectile function

I have just a few days left of my bottle. I didnt have much faith in topicals. I used a couple for spot reduction and I guess I have thick skin or something, they just didnt work well. I applied 5 pumps a day 5 days a week (2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off) I used java lather pre application, and applied to my shoulders, back and balls.

I noticed by the first week that I felt less bad. By the second week I was in a good mood all day. It wasn't really until week 3 that the mood change really took off. I have honestly been in a great mood all the time. People at work tell me they wish they could be as happy as I am. The mood increase from sustain alpha would be worth purchasing it in my opinion.
Libido definitely went up. I would find myself thinking about humping things...
Libido seemed to really take off around week 3, and I feel that for me that is when it "kicks in" next time I would get a second bottle and continue use. I also wanted to mention it has a pleasant smell to it.

. I missed a few applications due to not having time to let it dry, not being home (pills are easy to carry), or not applying because i would be tanning or sweat shortly after. This is no different than any other topical, and I do not see how PP could have done anything to improve that aspect (well they did make a LV version)


I will use this product again, and will purchase it with money I worked hard to earn. I did not make irregular body composition changes, nor was I expecting to. I followed a "recomp diet" which to me is a very clean bulk. SA definitely delivers in both the libido and euphoria department. I have had great work outs and just a high energy. I can not say enough about the euphoria effect I experienced.