Gettin LIT-UP

  1. Gettin LIT-UP

    I will be logging AppNuts Lit-up. First and foremost, Thank you to AN for this!

    I will be doing a 4-day split where I do legs, back and rear delts, chest and shoulders, and then arms and calves.

    My diet is at just under 4000cals with a 40/40/20 breakdown.

    Today was day one with Lit-up and my initial thoughts are THIS STUFF ROCKS!

    I had a great workout, perfect energy, great focus.

    Kind of short on time today, so thats it for now.

    I will put up a more detailed review after the next use.

  2. Thanks for gettin this up! Lookin forward to more thoughts !
    Applied Nutriceuticals Forum Representative -

  3. All right, sorry for the delay on this. Life has been crazy this last week and I have not had time to do much.

    Today was a great workout! I can definitely say that Litup is helping me in the gym. My endurance is crazy on this stuff!

    Taste is awesome, I actually look forward to drinking this stuff!

    I also had some really good focus or "tunnel vision" today!

    I usually dont get preworkouts without 1,3 dimeth but this one actually delivers some really good energy without it.

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