To anyone interested or who might have advice,

Hope this finds you well. I am about to start a training program aimed at cutting fat and building muscle and wanted to supplement my workouts to get the max effects. Here is the stack I am considering:

Morning- Gold Standard Casein Shake (Optimum Nutrition) + Optimen Multivitamin (Optimum Nutrition)

Pre WO- Animal Test Pak (Universal Nutrition)+ Superpump Max (Gaspari Nutrition)

During WO- Sizeon (Gaspari Nutrition)

Post WO- Platinum Hydro Whey Shake (Optimum Nutrition)

Nighttime- ZMK (Millenium Sport Technologies)

My plan is to cycle the animal test for 2 cans followed by animal m-stack for 2 cans while maintaining the other supplement usage.

If anyone could offer suggestions as to additional supplements which might help me to reach my goal of a more cut and lean physique, or recommend a dosing schedule, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time in advance.