I JUST EXPLODED!!... Because I got LIT UP by AN!! (Sponsored Log)

  1. I JUST EXPLODED!!... Because I got LIT UP by AN!! (Sponsored Log)

    Before I get this thing rolling I want everyone to know that everything I say is 100% honest. I will not say a product is good just because a company gives me it. Having said that, let's get going!!!

    I received my bottle yesterday and could wait to start this thread!! I have not taken any company made pre-workout since last spring so I was well over do to try something new.

    My Stats

    Weight: 270lbs
    BF: 15%

    I just came off a cycle of Epi and am currently in week 2 of PCT. Workouts have been tough... until today!


    I am still in my bulking phase, so naturally my goal is to gain more mass while using this product.

    Product Specs

    The Container

    The bottle is nice and tiny and comes with 40 servings in it. Super convenient to carry to the gym or what not. Really cool looking label.


    I'll have to give this a 10/10. I know some don't care, but some do about how well the powder mixes and whether or not you have a small amount that didn't mix all the way. LIT UP mixed very well and I had no leftover powder at the bottom over my mixer


    10/10! Plain and simple. This is the best tasting pre-workout that I have tasted thus far. I received a cherry citrus. Cherry happens to be my favorite flavor so I was pleased. I noticed that there was no after-bit that most pre-work-outs have. It tasted like koolaid mixed the perfect way, not to sweet and just enough!!

    My Performance On LIT UP

    To my standards I would give this a 10/10, like I said my standards! I didn't have the cracked out jittery feeling like I do with most and it is 8:30 and I feel like I could fall asleep now. This stuff kicks in quick too, which I was surprised. The thing that I noticed the most was the focus I had while in the gym.

    Day 1

    I took my drink and it kicked in within 15 minutes. I was so pumped for the gym! I had my racer-back tank on and walked in like I owned the place. I was focused for an hour and a half of non stop lifting. I worked out with 225 on military press which I only use 185 on! Like I said I didn't have that cracked out, light headed jittery feeling. It was smooth energy, but I could explode with so much power with every rep. I thought my biceps were going to explode too. I really liked how the pump lasted a couple of hours after leaving the gym. Overall, as of now, This is the best pre-workout that I tried so far. I will update every day, with more detail too!

  2. Hey guys I have been super busy with school ad others personal things. I am coming near an end to my bottle of LIT UPage and I have really liked the smooth clean energy and focus that it has giving me. Today has been my best workout by far... I decided to try something new.. I took two scoops and added in some creapure, IBCAA, Beta Alanine and some L-Arginine.... Best pump i've ever had and just didn't want to stop going...

    Overall I would buy this product again!

  3. Good to read that you have had so much success with LIT-Up!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Are you ready for N.O. UPTAKE? It's a game-changer!

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