Looks like its time for me to wrap up this log.my last 3 workouts were gret and im still making gains in strength without hitting any walls.
MY highlights for the last 3 workouts would be..dumbell shoulder press 100lb dumbells x 7 reps-ive never done this..eva. 225lb incline barbell press 12 clean reps(finally) hey i know some folks can do some more major loads but 12 nice reps on incline barbell press is a good milestone for me--i also got 6 reps with 255lbs on the incline.20 reps with 225lbs on barbell squat(again a new milestone for me.im happy two say that Lit-up stuck it through and i actually went into another tub of it.Good and nice clean preworkout that gets better over time and the only complaint i could really say at all was one night my girl flipped out for a sec..the lit-up dyed my lips red like lipstick a good bit.but otherwise that may be getting sorted and if not its no problem becuase this stuff delivers as a pre-workout.Again thankyou A-N and reps for following my log and hooking me up.