Lighting the fuse with Applied Nutriceuticals LIT-UP(sponsored log and review)

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  1. Yeah i seem to usually do it when things are going good with deadlifts..i think i could have been a little more warmed up and my foot placement was very wrong ,i ended up pulling more with my lower back then with my legs...this afternoon it was feeling a bit tweaked but its better now this evening.i think ill be allright for tomorows workout as long as im know i would hate to eventually not be able to do deadlifts for risk of injury,i love the movement and im a beilever that it builds a ****load of muscle if done right.

    last nights workout

    deadlifts.. 185x15 225x12 255 x 10 275x10 315-forth rep my back tweaked?

    calves- standing single leg raises holding one 45lb plate 3x failure with deep stretches holding for 10 seconds.

    biceps-5 sets of incline dumbell curls-45 degree angle, 50lb dumbells, 11,9,8,8,6 reps

    skull crushers -5 sets 115lb straight bar- 10,10,8,6,5

    forearm wrist curls seated with 135lb straight bar- 2x 20,17 reps

    crunches 4x failure

    incline bench kneepups 3x failure

    Workout out got off badly but i pulled through it,was ment to be short and sweet with deadlifts being the main focus but those got cut short.
    Last night litup deilivered the energy and drive i needed and im still maintaining at the two scoop dosage.this is good stuff and it dosnt ware off in time like other pre-workout supplements far as the energy and strength department goes i have been satisfied

  2. last nights workout was great..but started late as you can see the time of this posting.when i wake up later ill get the workout in and some more thoughts on litup.

  3. good work brotha, keep it up
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  4. Ive been experimenting with the old 10 week size surge program which is a sort of whole body workout 3 times a week.ive never stuck with whole body workout programs so im gone to stick this out no matter what then ill move back to some sort of bodypart split.I made some good gains with the 6 weeks of dc training that i just did.overall i would say i made strength gains more then hypertrophy calves and quads did increase in size but everything else looks about the same.on a bad note my arms actually look smaller...i think its because of the super low volume of dc training.litup is almost to the end of the tub and has been pushing me through some hard workouts even at low levels of energy and i can say litup has contributed to alot of strength gains as very pleased with litup and i bought another tub to use.

    dumbell lunges 80lbs- 12,10,10,9,6

    leg extensions 3x failure

    leg curls 2x failure

    barbell flat bench

    135x20 155x15 185x12 225x12 255x9

    2x flat bench dumbell flys 40lb dumbells x 12,10

    3 sets of regular pushups to failure.. these sometimes can give a great chest pump at the end of a chest workout

    bentover reverse grip barbell rows 135x12 155x12 185x10 205x8 225x7

    3x barbell wide grip upright rows 115lbs x 11,9,8

    standing side lateral raises 40lb dumbells 3x7,6,6

    another nice oldschool session.

  5. monday

    today i actually got to train back at the gym again.recently its been out of town and my brothers home gym which is decent but primative.

    my energy levels were pretty good and i was feeling a good mood as well...even as much as i hate the music at my gym you miss the place when your not there for a while-i know that all sounded cheese ball

    hack squats 90x18 180x15 230 x12 320x8 370x6

    standing one legged hamstring curl machine- 100x9 90x11 90x8

    seated leg extensions 150x15 150 x13 150x10

    flat bench barbell press 135x20 155x15 185x10 205x8 255x10 225x12

    incline barbell press 205x10

    fly machine 1x18 dnt rem the weight

    cable pulldowns wide grip 3 warmup sets then 205x12 205 x10

    underhandgrip barbell rows 205x8 205 x 6

    seated dumble shoulder press 85lb dumbells *new pr for me here.. 1x8 1x6

    ezbar upright row 115lbs x 13 and 11 reps

    thats it ,had fun now its eat and recover

  6. Nice workout, and I agree about the gym music. My gym plays awful music...I've just learned to tune it out and focus. The worst was at Christmas when they literally played Christmas carols.
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  7. The worst was at Christmas when they literally played Christmas carols.

    lmao...yeah my gym did the christmas thing too... it was strange but tuned it out with intensity.

  8. no ipod or phone = worst workouts of my life

    I need music, it gets me into tunnel vision
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  9. So what do you have going on for today's workout?
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by drooks10 View Post
    So what do you have going on for today's workout?

    Well i have wednsday and tonights friday workout..Been a busy week but managed to get two great workouts in.Id say my energy levels have been up rather more then before.I did make some changes to my lit-up dosing.Since i never seemed to need more then two scoops per workout it was safe for me to assume that im somewhat not building a tolerance
    to litup.So on my offdays during the week tues thursday i have been taking one scoop upon waking up(saturday i have been doing light abs in the am)also sunday i dont take any litup just as a straight day off.I have also been steady making stength gains while working around a few wears and tears..ouch



    today i took it light and did a breathing deadlift for 15 reps with 255..some people dont think that the deadlift will bring gains with reps that high.i beileve a good amount of hypertrophy can be acheived with a higher then normal rep(with a heavy weight ocourse) everyother deadlift workout alternating with heavier 5-6 rep range days.

    dumbell shrugs 1-set seated 95lb dumbells 10 reps holding at top 2-3 seconds


    standing calf raise machine whole stack 12 reps after building up the weight with three warmup sets.i liked these so much i did them today as well.

    seated calf raise

    4 plates 20 and 15 reps 2 sets

    ez bar preacher bench- 12 reps with 115lbs after 3 warm up sets.

    supersetted with

    single dumbell behind the head tricep extensions 95lb dumbell 12 reps after 3 warmup sets-new pr.

    single arm hanging dumbell concetration curl(havnt done those in forever)

    3 sets 45lb dumbell 3 sets 10,8,6 reps

    3 sets of v-handle tricep bar cable pushdowns

    120lbs strict-13,11,9 reps

    ab crunch machine 3-sets in the 10-to 15 reps range dont rem weight used on stack(but it gave a good burn and contraction

    incline board kneeups

    3 sets to failure

    thats wednsdays and i now realize its way late and i better get some zzz

    i will update and log fridys workout later sat evening.

  11. Looks like its time for me to wrap up this last 3 workouts were gret and im still making gains in strength without hitting any walls.
    MY highlights for the last 3 workouts would be..dumbell shoulder press 100lb dumbells x 7 reps-ive never done this..eva. 225lb incline barbell press 12 clean reps(finally) hey i know some folks can do some more major loads but 12 nice reps on incline barbell press is a good milestone for me--i also got 6 reps with 255lbs on the incline.20 reps with 225lbs on barbell squat(again a new milestone for happy two say that Lit-up stuck it through and i actually went into another tub of it.Good and nice clean preworkout that gets better over time and the only complaint i could really say at all was one night my girl flipped out for a sec..the lit-up dyed my lips red like lipstick a good bit.but otherwise that may be getting sorted and if not its no problem becuase this stuff delivers as a pre-workout.Again thankyou A-N and reps for following my log and hooking me up.


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