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    Hello I'm new to the site looks like lots of good info. My question is has anyone tried Tribol 60 from Thai Labz. Just wondering what knid of results you may have obtained. I've been taking it for a week now and the pumps are awsome ans the strenght is comming around.

  2. Hey man,
    Let me know how your cycle goes...I'm gonna be starting my cycle of Tribol 60 in about a month. The guy I bought the stuff from said guys just get huge off of this stuff..pretty excited to take it.

  3. Interesting compound. Looks like Epi, Max LMG, and something they claim is 600 times more anabolic than test. Good luck with that.

  4. Finished the cycle I ate a lean diet with it and still made good gains, pumps are crazy and strength was awsome with only taking in 50 carbs a day. I'm not the strongest person but I hit 315 lbs today and could have steped it up to 325 I think. My buddy that turned me on to it said run it for a month then run red dragon for a month then back to tri bol to finish up and he said it sick. good luck hope it works out for you.

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