H.e.a.t. Stack+ DCP + EC on CKD Fasting (w/Slinsane)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by swaneon View Post
    btw any recommendation on making the stretch marks fade?
    i have a lot around my body
    i like them on my chest but not anywhere else haha

    Its made by a sub company of Genomyx and works pretty well.

    Btw, nice log man, been following silently since you started it.

  2. ah thank you! and repped
    ill update it more as time goes on!

  3. Yea I got some bad stretch marks on my hips and some on the inside of my arms along biceps and on the triceps. I might have to get me some of this stuff too lol

  4. haha definitely
    ill try applying that with the derma roller

  5. Did not work out on Sunday so nothing really happened
    I added an extra 2 days of "carb" ups---but they were quite clean, just included some yams in my meals and took them with slin sane. Overall I feel bloated but the mirror has me looking leaner but I do have one concern. It's that I weighed myself and its 170 right now, but I just ate, will update tomorrow. I dont know if i should be worried haha that my weights increasing.
    This week will also be a de load week so just bodyweight exercises or the given templates at 40% weight. Trying out calisenthics. On a smaller note, Friday did 305 2x2 at current weight which was a new record since I did my older record at 187. Definitely want to go to 405 but be a bit lighter.

  6. Im in. This looks like its going to be a great log.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jaymode View Post

    Its made by a sub company of Genomyx and works pretty well.

    Btw, nice log man, been following silently since you started it.
    I'll have to give this a shot, thanks for the link!

  8. another update: weekly style

    Great sleep the whole week due to melatonin + ghenerate
    averaged around 8 hours

    Ah heres something interesting, I didnt workout with weights this week since i took it off due to deloading. I just did calisthenics (trying to do planche pushup haha)
    Nothing intense and right now I feel energized for next weeks workout

    The picture I've attached seems like there's a bit of fat gain but I've noticed myself being a lot leaner (not especially in that picture though...but in the gym mirror which I use to track my progress). I learned to keep my tracking through that mirror instead of the scale. Probably weigh about 170lb right now which is fine by me. Im going to eat more beef instead of bacon since I found out an average day was around 3700 calories and workouts were 4000+ but I didnt gain fat... Never really measured the bacon but I did on Tuesday and was surprised at how much I consumed.
    My carb up yesterday was quite clean but today is not so much since I've eating a slice of cake, half a GIANT cookie and 2 small cookies but overall the macro distribution will be skewed BUT my calories should still be under deficit (even AFTER my final meal in 6 hours).

    [IMG]http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachment****30 70303&stc=1&d=1296941129[/IMG]
    I realize my pants are a bit low...if anyone's offended then ill remove it and try another pic later--haha sorry

    On another note, Lupe Fiasco's new single came out and I read more about him and I definitely will use the guy for motivation since I noticed that a lot of my friends drink and a some smoke/hookah and I dont do either one (don't like the taste of alcohol among things that the populace seems to enjoy (alcohol, coco/chocolate, and grains) and it does not seem to contribute to my progress but if others do it, each to there own.

    Oh and one other thing, I am going to grow out the hair on my face until June which is when I get surgery.

  9. nothing to report today except im studying haha

    oh i bought Terra Plana Evo II shoes since my current shoes are a bit tight and I might use the track at my school gym

  10. haha thanks for all the notices! I had a smaller test yesterday haha but I did very well on them (well the scantron part, waiting on the other parts).
    Anyways I shall update massively!

    Great sleep the whole week, averaged around 7.4 hours
    Melatonin definitely makes sleeping a lot easier

    My diet has been roughly around the same but I did add in a bit of yams.
    Weight is down to 170 depending but I don't use that for measurements haha. ( I use the mirror). Definitely ate cookies on carb up days which I've attached pictures of below

    Since I had a deload week last week, I was a bit nervous going back to the gym BUT I did around 95% of the same weights BUT for more reps so definitely a strength improvement. Definitely felt A LOT better after having a rest/deload week. When I look back definitely needed it

    I took this week to take out EC as I ran out and it happened to be on the 4th week cycle. I think do to Piracetam/Focus XT +DCP/Heat I didn't feel tired at all, my focus has definitely improved.

    I received Yok3d due to the Innercircle deal (sold Jack3d since I don't really like Pre workouts--I just use an EC stack). But something changed when I dosed Yok3d And a 2x dose of Heat/DCP--I felt energy and pump. I'm not sure what it's due to YET but I will isolate and update tomorrow since It's an off day, I'll be double dosing 2x Heat/DCP (4 caps of DCP and 2 of Heat) Since I haven't felt anything. I noticed that Im somewhat stimulant sensitive but develop tolerance quickly.
    Noticed vascularity in my upper chest (can't tell from pic) and calves haha--I should be able to update a lot more frequently due to changing notifications to instant now, I'm sorry for the delay.

    [IMG]http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachment****30 90133&stc=1&d=1297571741[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachment****30 90153&stc=1&d=1297571771[/IMG]

    By the way, definitely appreciate the requests for update, how are you guys doing?

  11. Strength improvements and getting leaner

    I'm doing good, just excited for The Arnold

  12. excellent,
    one day i need to go to one of those shows haha, a new experience!

    So Monday's workout went quite well
    I did the Bench based one along with my friend and overall it was a great workout--she's fun to workout with--anyways I tried it and it seems that Yok3d does give my a pump and I do feel it with 3 caps with their recommendation, I might try 4 tomorrow since I did not workout today. Went to gym and was extremely sleepy so I went home and took a 30 minute nap and did homework-

  13. nothing much since I believe I have a slight cold, quite annoying. Overall I've been eating pretty nicely, at 169 right now, even though I said I don't use numbers haha.
    Great sleep this week at around 8 hours per day so far, I might add light squats on Bench based days so instead of 2x6 for speed, its 5x5 of lighter than the squat day.

  14. had to end the run earlier than expected
    have about 1/4 of the bottle left for both
    ill post a review and such later tomorrow and pics

  15. Quote Originally Posted by swaneon View Post
    had to end the run earlier than expected
    have about 1/4 of the bottle left for both
    ill post a review and such later tomorrow and pics
    everything alright?

  16. yes it is, I wanted to save the rest for a cut close to summer and since its extremely cold right now, wanted a run of some sweets I saved
    overall loved this cycle!


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