LG Sciences Ghenerate

  1. LG Sciences Ghenerate

    Ghenerate has been very effective for me.
    I use it preworkout and at night times
    6/6 dosing and after 2 weeks 8/8
    It works wonders for preworkout and recovery is AMAZING. I rarely get sore when I dose ghenerate on the 6/6. What I'm about to say next will be controversial but I grew .5 inches. I measured after ghenerate though and I last time I took it was about 7 months ago so there could be many factors. I'd actually believe that the height growth is due to getting more and better sleep.
    The dreams on generate are AMAZING. I feel like im in inception haha and the dreams last a week at a time. You wake up and feel refreshed! And like others have said, the taste is AMAZING! But there is one very very big con for me that is stopping me from making this a staple supplement. I get major cravings and hunger on it. Nothing I've ever felt which is why I'd only dose ghenerate with an EC stack (completely curbs the hunger/cravings). Right now I have a bottle of Ghenerate and a bottle of IGH1 but Im stashing these away until summer because I will be getting a double jaw surgery (due to class 3 underbite-10mm protrusion). I'll post a review on how those work. Anyone know if swallowing without sublingual would still be effective?

    Rating: 9.8/10

  2. nice review ;makes a welcome change to the "wow it blew my mind" type of review

  3. haha thanks
    i felt recovery but the hunger is not staple i can keep at bay, so it cannot go into a staple
    ec definitely stops it but thats not a staple either haha
    oh i noticed that i cant go 7 full days without getting some headaches or drowziness when i wake up on 6th/7th days so if i do use it its 5 on 2 off but at the price point i bought it for $14 its worth it to have in your arsenal.

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