Thanks to LifThyPain for sending me samples of spirodene

In short summary? I love it. It gives me a slight crash at the end but suppresses hunger similar to an EC stack. I dose the daily cap (1) right when I wake up (8am) and my energy usually lasts until about 2pm so around 6 hours. I felt great energy, not jittery at all.
Would I use this? Heck yes, i have the coupon and ill combine it with some other promo haha but definitely going to buy.

Suppressor on the other hand...
I did not like very much. I bought it for $8 but it doesnt seem to work anywhere near an EC stack or Spirodene. But that cannot be my final judgement because I dosed it when I took Ghenerate. Usually I can control my hunger and cravings but during that time I could not. I dosed at 2 caps for 3 times a day, more than the recommended but the hunger still persisted. After a few weeks though I stopped Ghenerate and tapered the dosage and I found that it works pretty well. Nowhere near EC or Spirodene but for $8 definitely worth it. For the full price? I would not buy it for my supplements.

I did not use them together, about 2 months apart actually so the scores are not mixed haha.