I received a several trial packets (about 5 servings) courtesy of ON1 (thanks!) of the fruit fusion flavor and now have gotten the chance to review haha. Sorry for the delay

I dose BCAA's before workout ( about 15 minutes) because Im Intermittent Fasting for life.
I either use Xtend, or Dymatize Elite; which ever is cheapest. Oh and I have a 28 ounces Blender bottle.

Does not mix as clear as xtend but looks a tiny similar to a carbonated drink. I usually do not let it sit--if I get a chance I will take pics.
Rating: 9/10

Amazing actually, i really like the taste. It's different than Xtend, Dymatize or ModernBcaa, definitely taste some fizziness (if you get what I mean).

I usually rate BCAAs quite high but in order
Xtend + ModernBCAA mix is my favorite; theres not bitter aftertaste and its light: 9.75/10
Xtend: 9.2/10
ModernBcaa: 9.1/10
Dymatize Elite: 8.5/10

I had a headache before I took it due to caffeine withdrawal (EC stack at 25/200mg) and within 30 minutes this definitely eliminated that. Great energy during workout, I feel really pumped haha.

For the price of 30 servings, I find it very attractive at $20. Would i normally use it for my staple bcaa? No I would not because it has caffeine but I might use it during an EC cycle since on an off cycle I consume 0 mg of caffeine.

Overall Score (Rounded):