Triazole, Activate XT Lean XT Review

  1. Triazole, Activate XT Lean XT Review

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I just finished and 8 week run of Triazole + Activate XT + Lean XT on a maintenance diet. I actually only used Lean XT for the first 3 weeks (until the bottle ran out) then I substituted with Formadrol XT for the rest of the cycle. I began with 3 tabs/day for the first week and then increased to four tabs/day on all products for the rest of the cycle. Bear in mind that the first four weeks included both Turkey Day and Christmas. Lots of food but I tried diligently to maintain my diet.

    I initially gained about a pound/week and by week four I was up four lbs. My waistline increase only slightly and I gained about ¼” on my arms. My excitement grew, finally a product that delivered. However, as the weeks went by I began to lose my initial gains at the same rate as I gained them and by the end of the eight week cycle I was right back where I started mass wise. I can say however that my strength increase throughout the cycle. The most noticeable was a 40# increase on my inclined bench. I went from 185# x 12 reps to 225# x 12 reps and occasionally I could even squeeze out a few more.

    Bottom line, if you’re looking for mass this is probably not the best product but if you’re interested in strength increases without much mass this may be the product for you.

  2. Nice review, thanks!

    For increased gains it would have been a good idea to bump calories slightly.
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