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    I've taken B-17 for years as a protective. Graviola is a proven cancer fighter and recent research on intravenous vitamin C has been very good. I have read that a doctor in Italy is treating cancer with intravenous baking soda (pharmaceutical grade) it raises the bodies PH level. Anything that raises the bodies PH makes it difficult for cancer to survive.
    Have you looked into PRAL?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. No actually I've never heard of it before.

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    My wife’s uncle cured himself of throat cancer using B-17. His daughter cured herself of cervical cancer with B-17 and a good diet after the medical community had given up on her. They both continue to use it to this day. I read about B-17 in a book called "A World Without Cancer". It's very interesting reading. I tells how the FDA and Big Pharma wants to suppress any over-the-counter cures (there’s no money to be made in over-the-counter products). Big Pharma wants to make synthetic versions of natural products with big mark-ups and lots of side effects. Cancer is such a huge industry the country can't afford a cure. They are looking for ways to control the disease. However, that’s nearly impossible since cancer has the ability to mutate rapidly.
    Your right. The doctor that wrote that book was on the research at the Sloan-Keating Medical Center. B17 has over an 80percent cure rate. Pharms and the FDA wanted him to lie about his findings. He refused quit and now writes books on alternative cures. The pharms and FDA got the medical association to discredit him as a doctor. All those SOB's care about is the bottom dollar, who cares who gets sick, dies, ect. For them its all about the money Funny though, now there is research coming out that shows B12 helps fight cancer, its not banned. But whats funny is B12 actually coantains small amounts of B17 which is why it helps to fight cancer. They must think we are all stupid.

    Anyways I've been feeling great. My last lab work shows Liver Enzymes still coming down and white blood cells still going up. Feeling great and pumping iron my friends. to the pharms and FDA!

  4. you da man ed!
    with you buddy on every count!

    and, by your wisdom, i am gonna start double dosing the b12...
    thanks man!

  5. So is B17 available seperatly or do you need to supplement with B12 to get it?
    Primordial Performance
    ( at heart )

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    So is B17 available seperatly or do you need to supplement with B12 to get it?
    google is your friend, androboy.
    in my case, i go with bing...

    "amygdalin," laetrile, also called b-17.
    best food source - raw apricot kernels.
    these are available, and not so expensive.

    as a rule:
    1 kernel for every 5kg (10 pounds) of body weight at any one time
    For those people wanting to incorporate using apricot kernels for health improvement to benefit from the high vitamin B17 content then it is suggested you simply eat the maximum amount 3 times a day.

    i am not sure if it is "legal" to buy/sell or even advocate the use of anything purified/capped/represented as a cure or treatment for any disease
    (i have sed this befo, and will say it agin, feds suk nuts, and i am not talking tree nuts, i am talking maggot ridden ruptured purple stinking dead donkey nuts...).

    but, one of the men here who are more knowledgeable may pm you a link to a source...

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    So is B17 available seperatly or do you need to supplement with B12 to get it?
    I'll PM you. Also Jin's right about apricots and the fact it is also know as latrile (spelt wrong sorry, chemo brain) Thats how it was actually discovered. Their was an indian tribe who's main diet was apricots. They ate the whole apricot seeds and all. They would also use the seeds for ingrediants in other foods they ate. Because of this it was discovered that they had an EXTREMELY high content of B17 in there system. No history of cancer in any of them, they rarely got sick and average age was over 100. You can find B17 in apple seeds, beet root, chia seed, ect. If you don't have cancer you should be ok by eating this items on a daily bases. That will give you enout B17 to help your immune system from developing cancer. If your like me (already have cancer) then you will need a lot more B17 than what you can actually eat on a daily bases.


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