Looking for advice

  1. Looking for advice

    Please pardon my ignorance I am new to this. I bought a bottle of Sustaplex 325 off a friend. He gave me some advice but honestly I just don't think he knows that much. I have been working out for 10 years or so but only take whey protein and I'm looking to shed about 30 lbs. of fat and put on 10-15 lbs of muscle. The questions I have are....

    Should I do 1cc every day or just on days I workout?
    How long should the cycle last?
    What other supplements should I take if any during the cycle?
    What supplements should I take post cycle?
    Anything I should do pre-cycle?
    What side effects or issues can arise?

    Basically I'm looking for information on everything involved with taking Sustaplex 325. This is my first cycle and wanna make sure I am educated before I start. Any information will be appreciated.

  2. From what I found this is an injectable steroid? I dont know anything about injectables and I am sure you dont either. This would take A LOT of research and preparation. This will cause shutdown of your own natural test, therefore requiring a SERM for PCT. If you dont know what a SER is or PCT then you are not ready for this.

    Also, if you need to shed 30lbs then you should hold off on any cycle until you have dropped the wt

    In addition, if you dont have a solid diet planned out and a good w/o routine then this cycle will not be worth it. Diet and training are numero uno!

    My advice:
    1) get your diet in check to help lose the wt; carb cycling
    2) research workouts to attain your goals, including cardio . . . especially cardio if you need to drop 30lbs
    3) add in some staple supps such as creatine, fish oils, BCAAs, maybe a preworkout drink. Then try some test boosters and AIs: TestoPro,, DAA, Titanium, T-911, Erase, Triazole

    Good luck and dont rush into anything without proper research. Look all the subforums: the Supp Review/Log section, Training, Weight Loss, Supplements, Nutrition

  3. start by posting in the right forum for injectable steroids...then read what he said ^^ after throwing the bottle away since you have a great chance of ****ing yourself up

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