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  1. 2/2/11 - Anabolic Kit Day 15 - quads, hams, calves, abs

    Squats - 345x13(+1rp), 275x12(+50lbs), 225x14(+50lbs)

    Leg Press - 12pl x13, 10pl x11(+1rp), 8pl x12

    Smythe Calve Raise - 310x15(+10lbs), 220x14(+20lbs), 110x17(+3rp), 90x17(+2rp)

    Leg Extension - 250x15(+5lbs), 195x14(+1rp), 160x13(+2rp), 130x13(+3rp)

    Seated Leg Curls - 165x15(+5lbs), 140x15(+5lbs), 120x15, 100x15

    Rope Crunches - 160x40, 140x40(+5rp)...stopped here due to bad cramps, i wasn't breathing properly during the first set. i was concentrating too much on the contractions and not enough on proper breathing.

    Another good workout, aside from my knees hurting during squats and leg presses. Calves were pretty vascular as well as my quads, they were also real tight and a little painful in the "tear drop muscle" just above the knees. I will take pics tomorrow at the gym as well as try to get my wife to take some tomorrow night when she gets home from work. Worst case scenario is that i only get the gym pics, but i'd REALLY like to get an actual front and rear double bi pose. I hate posting pics of me that I take myself because I cannot do any real poses, just certain muscle groups, due to having to hold the camera. Oh, and regarding the 50lb increase on the squats...I was doing 225 for my 2nd working set and 185 for my 3rd, well I was getting too many reps and wanted to go heavier. I decided to start doing 275 for my 2nd and 225 for my 3rd set.
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  2. Sorry for the long hiatus guys, but we are finally all settled in here in NY. I'm at a new gym, with new weights and machines so things have changed a little bit, but everything is still on track. I will post an update tomorrow after the gym
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  3. Good to see you back. It always takes time to get settled in to new surroundings, I hate trying a new gym, never feels right.
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  4. watching

  5. Welcome back
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