First of all thank you to ThermoLife for sending me a tub of Pump-Bol and allowing me to log it!

People use supplements for their own reasons. My reason was to regain some lost strength after a cut in an attempt to lose weight for work (Bonus is larger if BMI is under 26). I also used it for sports like soccer, and basketball. On with the review...

Profile: 9/10
I liked that there wasn't too much creatine in there allowing for this to be stacked with other products that may have creatine as well. I felt great with each dose and that is what means the most to me. The label can say whatever the hell it wants, but it doesn't mean anything to me unless I can notice tangible benefits. My only wish is for maybe a little more Beta Alanine that way I could get to the 3-4g per day.

Focus/Energy: 8/10
From an energy standpoint, I felt great while using Pump-Bol. It was a good, clean energy. Not jittery like a stim. Coincidence? I think not.

Focus lacked a little, but that comes from Ultima being a staple so maybe I'm typically a little spoiled in that regard.

Performance: 10/10
It does what Nitrates do: Pumps, increased time to exhaustion, and increased recovery.

The pumps were intense as long as I isolated muscle groups. They were definitely there regardless, but as you focused more on a muscle group, the pumps got 'better'. Increasing time to exhaustion proved correct as I consistently hammered out workouts at faster paces than I normally did. I really didn't fatigue as much as usual between sets or during the entire workout. My recovery shortened up by about a day. Not too shabby. I normally follow a 4 day split that takes me 8 days to get through with rest and I shortened it down to 7 with the faster recovery time.

Taste/Mixability: 10/10
It mixed cleanly with no clumps and everything dissolved. Although it is subjective, taste was AMAZING! I love the tartness. It tastes like Sunny D with a little extra bite to it.

Overall: 9/10
I give it a 9 and that's also with the belief that no matter what is being rated in life itself, there's always room for improvement some way or another. I liked the profile, it enhanced my workouts and recovery, and loved the taste. Great product! I regained nearly all of my strength lost from my cut and set one PR on Deadlift.

My log ran through the holidays and with all of the opportunities to pig out, I leaned out slightly during my use. My before/after pics are below and I did screw up by taking the before relaxed. To keep the comparison fair I took the after cold as well. I noticed an increase of size in my arms and a little more definition in my back.