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    hey everyone i was thinking about running forged extreme and i am 16 yrs old about to be 17 in feburary and i was also that supplement has caught me eye what i wanto ask is anyone end up doing this supp? if so what exacly is this stuff and how did u like it....btw im against testboosters and phs.but also my goal is to get a rambo type body huge by summer so i have a good 5months and i would also like to get taller im only 5'6 if anyone has any suggestions thanks again!

    PS*** the only intence thing ive ran is natural test boosters thanks again! i like to keep it safe

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    Is this a joke post?

    First of all, "Forged Extreme" doesn't clarify which product you're talking about (there's SD extreme, 13 extreme, and possibly more).

    Next, you're 16. This is stupid.

    Then, you've posted this in the wrong section.

    And "to get a Rambo body by summer" is a pretty ignorant statement unless you're already jacked.

    Are you fat? Lift and do a ton of cardio and get your diet in check (EAT LESS).

    Are you skinny? Lift and eat a ton of food.

    Or, just do what you're gonna do, end up with problems and go to another forum to complain about it.

    And you're against test boosters? Seriously, go to school and do some actual research.
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  3. hahaha, passthatblunt, lol.

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  4. lol damn basically i would love to get your size haha midwest beast give me tips sir!

  5. forged extreme mass is the product and noo i wont do a tb or a ph but i have done like less intence level things such as tbomb2 and humanogrowth that really dont do much like its the same thing along the lines with zma
    and yes i wanto get body like rambo and sorry for wrong post section if u can clarify me on where to place this post im nt gna lie this site is very confusing lol

  6. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Okay, if you're talking about what I think you are: Forged Extreme Mass (by Transform), that is a Pro-Hormone. If you're referring to something else, please link it. If you don't want test-boosters or PHs, as you say, you are limiting yourself. You can use multi-vitamins, protein supplements (i.e. FOOD), and pre-workouts and/or creatine products.

    If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    And just for the record, I've been lifting for 10+ years and didn't touch a supplement (not even protein) until I was a few years into college.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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